Loudoun Supervisors Approve Village Planning Effort for St. Louis

County supervisors have approved a plan to limit development around the historic and historically Black Village of St. Louis following outcry from residents about plans for a townhouse development nearby.

With the village facing water quality problems, the county board already had approved an application for funding through the county’s Water and Wastewater Program, although that project was also delayed for fear that providing public water in the village could also open the door to more development pressure.

The work plan approved unanimously Jan. 18 creates a Village Plan Task Force comprised of five supervisor-appointed village property owners or residents, along with one representative each from Mt. Zion Baptist Church of St. Louis, Banneker Elementary School, the Black History Committee of the Friends of Thomas Balch Library, and the Loudoun Historic Village Alliance.

That task force will advise land use policy changes around the village with an eye toward limiting future development. The work plan is meant to produce a village plan for St. Louis, revisions in the comprehensive plan and local zoning, and new information in the county’s mapping system.

The first step will be a community meeting in March, with a date that has not yet been announced. The project is expected to continue through February 2024.

2 thoughts on “Loudoun Supervisors Approve Village Planning Effort for St. Louis

  • 2022-02-01 at 4:19 pm

    All good wishes to the new Village Plan Task Force. St. Louis is such a historic village. It was organized by Blacks who were formerly enslaved. About one-fourth of Loudoun’s residents were enslaved in the olden days. It’s understandable that survivors subsequently formed their own community. Everything must be done to protect that sacred land. Happy Lunar New Year Loudoun!

  • 2022-02-07 at 1:45 pm

    As usual the BoS imposes its will on taxpayers in Loudoun. What’s it going to cost the rest of us? This place isn’t a real town or village. Its not even included in a census.

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