New General Assembly Brings House Committee Shuffle; LaRock Restored to Seats

Changes in the House of Delegates have also meant changes in committee membership as Republicans take control of the lower chamber.

Committee membership can have consequences as General Assembly bills are combined, rewritten or killed off entirely in those meeting rooms. New Speaker of the House of Delegates Todd Gilbert (R-15) announced committee assignments on Wednesday, Jan. 12—and Del. Dave A. LaRock (R-33) has seen his membership in those committee change dramatically.

Last year, LaRock was stripped of his committee assignments by the House’s then-Democratic leadership following his participation in the Jan. 6 protest and criticism that he promulgated election conspiracy theories. This year, he finds himself on three of the most important committees in the House, especially for Loudoun: Counties, Cities and Towns; Education; and Transportation, where he will be vice chairman.

“I am honored that Speaker Gilbert has appointed me to serve as Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee, as well as to serve on the Education Committee and the Counties, Cities and Towns Committee,” LaRock said in statement. “These committees oversee and enact legislation addressing very important aspects of Virginia’s citizens’ everyday lives, and I look forward to continuing to serve and working to improve the Commonwealth in these areas.”

LaRock will also hold leadership positions in some subcommittees. He will chair the Transportation Subcommittee on Highway Safety & Policy, as well as the Counties, Cities and Towns Subcommittee on Land Use. He will also serve on the Education Subcommittee dealing with K-12 policy legislation.

“Loudoun County was the center of numerous controversies which influenced the 2021 Virginia elections,” LaRock stated. “I look forward to influencing this committee and working closely with Governor Youngkin as we refocus on making excellence in education accessible to all Virginians.”

Other Loudoun delegates, all Democrats, will still serve on committees, although none in leadership seats at the committee level.

Del. Wendy W. Gooditis (D-10) will serve on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources; Commerce and Energy, Counties, Cities and Towns, and Labor and Commerce.

Del. David A. Reid (D-32) will serve on Appropriations, Privileges and Elections, and Transportation.

Del. Karrie K. Delaney (D-67) will serve on Courts of Justice; Health, Welfare and Institutions; and Transportation.

Del. Irene Shin (D-86) will serve on Communications, Technology and Innovation; and on Counties, Cities and Towns.

Del. Suhas Subramanyam (D-87) will serve on Counties, Cities and Towns; Education; and Transportation.

And Del. Kathleen Murphy (D-34) will serve on Finance, General Laws and Transportation.

Senators have also been named to their committees.

Sen. John J. Bell (D-13) will serve on Commerce and Labor, General Laws and Technology, Local Government, and Privileges and Elections.

Sen. Jennifer B. Boysko (D-33) will serve on General Laws and Technology, Judiciary, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Transportation.

Sen. Barbara A. Favola (D-31) will chair Rehabilitation and Social Services, and serve on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources; Local Government; Rules; and Transportation.

And Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-27) will serve on Finance and Appropriations; General Laws and Technology; Privileges and Elections; and Rules.

Lawmakers are back in Richmond now; this year’s General Assembly session began Jan. 12. Crossover day, by which time a bill must pass out the chamber where it was filed or be left for the year, is Feb. 16. The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn March 12.

4 thoughts on “New General Assembly Brings House Committee Shuffle; LaRock Restored to Seats

  • 2022-01-14 at 4:50 pm

    The idea that LaRock & Youngkin will take politics out of education is laughable. I can’t think of bigger political animals than those gentlemen. It will be hard to watch Youngkin’s inauguration tomorrow. The frigid weather will symbolize his cold-heartedness. Ironically, Youngkin’s swearing-in will take place on the 93rd birthday of Martin Luther King. (That great American must be turning in his grave.) Well, there will be no backsliding on equity if Loudoun Blue has any say about it. Happy MLK Day Loudoun!

  • 2022-01-14 at 4:52 pm

    Vice-Chair of Transportation. That’s some power. Congrats to Del LaRock.

  • 2022-01-14 at 5:20 pm

    So we have an insurrectionist serving on committees in the state legislature?

  • 2022-01-14 at 7:31 pm

    Stunkin is not even governor and he is messing up the state. VA will be set back one hundred years with the “fleece clown” as governor. Elections have consequences and we will find out.

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