Lovettsville Annexation Requests Get First Hearings

The Town Council and Planning Commission held joint public hearings last week on two annexation requests and providing the first standing-room-only crowd at the new government center. 

One Family Brewing is asking to bring its 27-acre property into the town limits. In addition to a brewery, the owners plan a farm-to-table restaurant and rental cottages. Wheeler and Wheeler Inc. is seeking to have the town annex its 1.5-acre West End Motors property into town with plans to continue operating the gas station, repair shop and convenience store.

Most of the public comment focused on the One Family Brewing property, with supporters lauding David Keuhner’s mission of supporting military veterans and other community efforts and critics worried about traffic, noise and the potential for impaired drivers leaving the brewery. A key concern was a plan to put the main access on narrow, winding Lutheran Church Road, but the latest plans envision a Berlin Turnpike entrance, with Lutheran Church Road limited to emergency access. 

The hearing was just the first step in the process. The applications will next go to the Planning Commission for review and then to the Town Council. The Board of Supervisors also will have to sign off on the boundary line change. 

One thought on “Lovettsville Annexation Requests Get First Hearings

  • 2021-11-27 at 8:42 am

    It’s completely understandable why these entities would want to be annexed into Lovettsville. Lovettsville is a great town with a wonderful history of diversity & inclusion. It was one of the few communities in Loudoun that supported the Union during the Civil War. I hope all the kinks can be worked out of these pending proposals. I’m not saying residents don’t have valid concerns. But if people reason together, things usually can be worked out. Happy Holidays Loudoun!

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