Court Orders Regrading of Gable Farm Dirt Stockpile

Three years after regulators first issued a notice of violation, the Loudoun County District Court has ordered the owners of Gable Farm near Hamilton to level fill dirt that was been placed there against county zoning ordinances and an approved site plan.

Loudoun County officials investigated complaints around Gable Farm near Hamilton, where in 2015 the county had approved a plan to use the property as a recreation field and issued a grading permit. Instead, the property was used to stockpile fill dirt, which grew higher than the approved permits. Virginia Department of Environmental Quality analysis found the fill material was made primarily of soil, bricks, asphalt, concrete and rocks.

In 2017, the county issued a Notice of Violation for failing to follow the approved plan. In 2018, after more neighbor complaints, county officials found elevations on the property that exceeded approved levels and issued a stop work order to the Gable Farm owner, as well as issuing a second violation notice.

The county and the property owner were unable to agree on a plan to bring the site into compliance with the approve site plan. On Nov. 3, District Court Judge Deborah C. Welsh issued an order of abatement on Nov. 3, requiring the owner to correct the zoning ordinance violations.

The order requires the owners adjust the elevations and grading of the property by moving the excess fill to lower the elevations on the property to be consistent with what was shown on the approved Rural Economy Site Plan for the property. The excess fill is to be spread out around the property, including into specific sites on the southern edge of the property to control erosion and runoff. After that, the property owner must hire a third-party surveyor or engineer to confirm the elevation and grades of fill dirt.

The work must be done by Nov. 15, 2022. The owner was already required to pay a $200 fine.

See the Order of Abatement here and the abatement plan here. More information is at

One thought on “Court Orders Regrading of Gable Farm Dirt Stockpile

  • 2021-11-24 at 3:55 pm

    Gable Farm is really pushing their luck. This site is supposed to be used as a recreation field. Not only is that not being done — the site has huge piles of dirt that violate land-use rules. C’mon Gable Farm. Get with the program. And Happy Holidays Loudoun!

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