Lovettsville Game Club Property Goes Under Easement

The Land Trust of Virginia has obtained a conservation easement on the 60-acre Lovettsville Game Club property.

The property, located northwest of Lovettsville, is owned and operated by the Lovettsville Game Protection Association, and will now be restricted from development and used to promote its mission to “benefit wildlife and the community, to unite landowners, sportsmen, and citizens in an effort to restore and preserve wildlife, all directed toward providing the community with better and more worthwhile sports and recreation activities.”

Association President Fred George said the easement will ensure the farm is preserved for future generations, but also provide revenue to support the organization, including making upgrades to its events hall in town. He called it a win-win outcome.

“Our members were not 100% in agreement but in the end voted for the easement,” George said. “Working with Land Trust of Virginia to protect our land was a great way to support our mission and set an example for other landowners and sportsmen.”

The property is located on and visible from both Stevens Road and Georges Mill Road. In addition to protecting scenic open space, the property features 53 acres of soils that are classified as prime farmland soils or farmland soils of statewide importance. The northern portion of the property contains two lengths of streams and a 2.29-acre man-made pond.  

“Conservation easements are critical to sustaining our wildlife populations and their habitat,” Land Trust Executive Director Sally Price said. “We are thrilled to work with Lovettsville Game Protection Association to support both of our missions in development-stricken Loudoun County.”

Lovettsville Game Club is the 211th easement completed by the Land Trust of Virginia. For more information about their work, go to

One thought on “Lovettsville Game Club Property Goes Under Easement

  • 2021-11-22 at 5:57 pm

    It’s an overstatement to say Loudoun is “development stricken.” Still, I agree with the thrust of this effort. It’s important to protect the scenic landscape of Loudoun. That doesn’t mean a halt to all future development. There’s a delicate balance to be found. Yes, I support development within Loudoun. But I don’t support overdevelopment. Happy Holidays to All! P.S. — I don’t want to be picayune. But sexist language such as “sportsmen” should be diligently avoided by Land Trust of Virginia.

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