Letter: Evan Parrott, Ashburn

Editor: Our Loudoun Board of Supervisors is often capable of doing remarkable and worthy things (the new Ashburn Senior Center and correction of the World War I memorial come immediately to mind), but sometimes I wonder if they have their heads screwed on tight. My case in point is the proposed tax hike to “rebalance” county revenue sources.

When times are tight, responsible stewards of the public’s finances (and trust) would immediately review their list of major county projects, programs, initiatives and options, ranking them from vital to maybe-next-year or even cancellation entirely (several frivolous projects also come to mind). Such an effort—with public input required—should mean not only critical some belt-tightening, but also an overdue review of all financial commitments and a necessary effort, where possible, to ease the financial burden on the already over-taxed citizens of Loudoun.

Our county board, however, chooses not to take this commonsense step. The supervisors seem to prefer a default to more real estate taxes. Not only that imponderable, but the board is also considering a tax break for the so-called “data centers” (we used to call them server farms) that have blighted the county in recent years. The voices of citizens apparently are lost in the knee-jerk rush to raise taxes.

Evan Parrott, Ashburn

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