Rayner Wins Purcellville Town Council Seat

Purcellville voters elected have Erin K. Rayner to fill the vacant Town Council seat. 

Rayner defeated town newcomer Sean MacDonald with 53% of the vote. 

She will fill the unexpired term of Councilman Ted Greenly, who resigned May 31 and will serve until Dec. 31, 2022, and the seat will be on the ballot again next November.

Rayner, the executive director of former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Program for Women in Leadership at George Mason University and Mountain View Elementary School PTA president, is a five-year town resident. She ran for the council in last year’s election, finishing fourth with three seats available. She campaigned largely on an economic development platform that calls for the revitalization of the town’s commercial areas to help bring businesses to empty storefronts and focusing on the town’s infrastructure needs.

MacDonald, a counterterrorism intelligence specialist with the Department of Homeland Security, moved to Purcellville from Leesburg in March. In his campaign, MacDonald aligned himself closely with Mayor Kwasi Fraser, adopting his themes of slow growth, low taxes, infrastructure investments and innovation solutions.

“I am honored and proud to serve the people of Purcellville. I will work very hard to make sure them proud that of the person they voted for,” Rayner said following the election. 

She said a key difference in this year’s election was the ability to go door to door to meet residents and business owners—something not possible during last year’s COVID-19 restrictions. 

Taking a seat on the dais, Rayner said she hopes first to bring civility back to the council and to treat fellow member and the town staff with respect and kindness. 

She also plans to be an independent voice. “I will listen to the facts and vote on the facts,” she said. 

She refuted claims that her win represents a change in the balance of power on the council, calling the notion “unsettling.”

“We are a small town. We should be working together for this town and not for power,” she said.

In the other municipal races on Tuesday’s ballot, incumbents were unchallenged. 

In Middleburg, Mayor Bridge Littleton and council members Cindy C. Pearson, Peter A. Leonard-Morgan, C. Darlene Kirk, and Morris “Bud” Jacobs were reelected. About 350 votes were cast in the town election.

In Round Hill where 347 ballots were cast, Mayor Scott T. Ramsey and council members Paula G. James and Jesse P. Howe re-elected. The third available council seat was to be decided by the 80 write-in votes cast.

2 thoughts on “Rayner Wins Purcellville Town Council Seat

  • 2021-11-03 at 8:37 am

    I suppoted Sean MacDonald. But I wish Erin Rayner the best in her new endeavors. I love Purcellville & hope she’ll help retain its old-fashioned charm. Please don’t overdevelop to the point where less fortunate folks are displaced. Good luck Ms. Rayner!

    • 2021-11-03 at 4:43 pm

      Having been in Pville for almost 3 1/2 decades now I ask which “small-town charm” are you referring to? The one when Pville had 1700 people, no subdivisions, 1 old shopping center with a decaying old grocery, and little else but charm? Or today with a lot of amenities but also a lot of empty businesses and stores? If you check carefully there is precious little room left for “growth” as in expansion for Purcellville. But the interior is dying in spots as stores leave or close and their buildings become empty shells.

      For me, it is nice to not have to always drive at least to Leesburg for most everything. Pville obviously did well having attracted so many new residents so fast to what was ONCE a real small town. I am happy to hear the new Councilmember recognizes the need to address the issue of empty stores and businesses, never a great sign in a well-run and happy town.

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