Letter: Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

Editor: The so-called “Reproductive Health Equity Act” yet again being considered here in Virginia is not health, rather death to the unborn. 

In my opinion, the only equitable part of it is for the greed of those known medicopharmaceutical and abortion industries who would profit by it—close relatives of the pharmaceutical and surgical lobbies licking their collective chops with their stockholders and respective board of directors.

This bill effectively facilitates taxpayer funding of abortion, impact reasonable health and safety regulations, decimate reasonable informed consent for mother and family, allow non-medical doctors from performing abortions in the first trimester, allow “on-demand abortions for any reason unlimited (covered under the Virginia health exchange), and even add an amendment to our Virginia constitution a “right to abortion.” 

Why not value both mother and child and fund adoption or facilities like Birthright or Catholic Charities that recognize the dignity of all lives. This is not criminalizing the mother’s rights for abortion is a true crime and moral poverty. 

Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

2 thoughts on “Letter: Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

  • 2021-10-30 at 10:40 am

    I respect the writer’s opinion. Recently a woman asked me for advice regarding whether she should have an abortion. I honestly told her it wasn’t my business. I believe nothing is more magnificent than bringing another life into the world. But I wouldn’t tell a woman what to do. I don’t think anyone believe abortion is a positive thing. I do pray that everyone makes the right decision.

  • 2021-10-31 at 7:41 pm

    I wish organizations (especially non-profits) would name themselves for their primary mission. “Planned Parenthood” is strongly behind this legislation yet it seems their primary purpose is to eliminate parenthood without any conditions to protect the gestating child without which there is no parenthood! This entire topic is so sad especially for folks who have tried to have children and had multiple miscarriages while others want to profit by terminating a healthy child with the argument of exclusive choice as if that is a bragging point worth standing on. I think if every potential mom were to have a conversation with the multiple generations of moms they came from the idea of such a choice might be less valued. Imagine crossing the Atlantic in a boat pregnant dreaming of a new life while being sick from the voyage in a conversation with their grandchild explaining why they were choosing to end their great grand child’s life for convenience because they read a brochure from planned parenthood! SAD!

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