Sheriff’s Office Investigates Middle School ‘Touching’ Report

The Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that it is investigating incidents that occurred at Harmony Middle School this week involving a male student touching schoolmates “inappropriately over their clothing.”

According to the report, the school resource office learned from school staff Wednesday afternoon that earlier that day a male student was inappropriately touched over his clothing by another male student in a hallway. Detectives determined there were additional male students who were inappropriately touched by the same juvenile. Those incidents had not been previously reported to school officials or law enforcement.  

Investigators are conducting follow-up interviews with school officials, witnesses, and parents, according to the statement. 

One thought on “Sheriff’s Office Investigates Middle School ‘Touching’ Report

  • 2021-10-28 at 6:38 pm

    Very sad to read about these allegations. Inappropriate touching is absolutely unacceptable. I hope authorities get to the bottom of this matter. And I hope that safeguards are implemented to help ensure something like this doesn’t happen again. My thoughts & prayers go out to the alleged victims.

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