State Police Investigate Threats to Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney

The Virginia State Police is investigating threats made against Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj, one of the many public officials being criticized for the handling of the alleged sexual assaults against Loudoun students.

News that a student, who on Monday was convicted of assaulting a female student in a Stone Bridge High School bathroom on May 28, was charged with assaulting another student at Broad Run High School on Oct. 7 shocked the community and called into question decision making by Superintendent Scott Ziegler.

The father of the victim from the first incident was arrested after getting into an altercation with an activist at the June 22 School Board meeting. Biberaj prosecuted Smith, who was then found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Smith is in the process of appealing that decision.

As news of the assault and Smith’s subsequent arrest spread across global outlets, critics on social media charge that Biberaj conspired against the father by choosing to prosecute his case herself.

Biberaj said that she has received death threats through both her office and cell phones.

“The Virginia State Police is in receipt of the threats and has forwarded them to our Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Team, as is done with any email of an alarming/threatening nature that is received by an elected/public official. No arrest or charges have been placed at this time,” a statement for the State Police said. The Sheriff’s Office is not involved in the investigation.

Other public officials have received threats amid the culture war in the division, over transgender rights and progressive social programs—initiatives, critics say, indoctrinate students.

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee and its members have reported receiving dozens of threatening messages.

“Go kill yourself, do the world a favour—we’re better off without the poison of your evil masquerading as piety,” reads one anonymous email. 

School Board member Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian), who is one of five members facing a recall effort, shared on Facebook in April a threat that she received. 

“Don’t be surprised when you low-IQ, poorly educated, and morally bankrupt pinko traitors are dragged from your beds in the middle of the night and hanged by the neck until dead by the righteously angry parents of your community,” the sender wrote. 

Beth Barts (Leesburg), the only member for whom a removal petition has been filed, resigned from the board, effective Nov. 2, amid the turmoil over the assaults.

An email from Ziegler to the full board shows that the board was informed of the first assault the same day that it occurred. Ziegler said that the Sheriff’s Office was handling the investigation. It is still unclear why the assailant was transferred to another school in the district, where, parents charge, he posed a risk to students.

Barts shared on her Facebook page that the board knew about the May 28 assault and was told by Ziegler that no updates would be available until the conclusion of the law enforcement investigation.

On a school division Facebook post, users posted threatening messages.

“A public hanging is in order. No charge to attend. Should only take a few seconds and won’t cost much,” Facebook user Jim Culleton commented. 

An anonymous message to the full board, referring to Ziegler, said, “We The People are going to drag him—and every last [expletive] one of you pieces of [expletive] out into the middle of the street and teach you a [expletive] lesson that you will never [expletive] forget.”

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kraig Troxell said that there are currently not any investigations into the comments and threats since the sexual assaults. 

“While many of the messages are vulgar and disturbing, the messages received at this time do not meet the elements of a crime under the Virginia Code,” Troxell said. 

12 thoughts on “State Police Investigate Threats to Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney

  • 2021-10-26 at 12:11 pm

    The death threats are reprehensible & should be denounced by all fair-minded individuals. Loudouners willing to scapegoat the Trans community to egg on outside agitators should hang their heads in shame. Glenn Youngkin also bears some responsibility in this. He had the audacity to call for the resignations of all nine (9) school-board members, based upon the flimsiest of information. Does he know (or care) that board member Andrew Hoyler wasn’t even on the board when all of this happened? If I were to do something so drastic as call for a person’s resignation, I’d at least find out basics (e.g. when they began serving on the board). Mr. Youngkin shoots from the hip. He’s a disgrace. Please vote Loudoun!

    • 2021-10-27 at 4:31 pm

      Did you read the Entire quote and comment from Youngkin? He spoke about School Board Members going into the next School Board Meeting after the Sex Assault debacle with Zeigler, the emails, etc.,

      Therefore the comment in context could not have applied to Hoyler has he had yet to go to his first School Board Meeting.

  • 2021-10-26 at 1:30 pm

    There’s no such thing as anonymity anymore. Big tech and telecoms provide user information to the authorities everyday.

    I’m not buying any of this “I’m a victim” story for a second. It’s a feeble attempt to distract from Buta’s wife murdering domestic abuser policies. It’s a distraction away from the sexual predator enablers on the school board and Ziegler’s actions and lies. Lest we forget, Buta, most of the SB and at least one Supervisor we’re all in on the little secret FB group plotting how to threaten parents.

    Notice how the Sheriff’s Office wasn’t contacted? Buta’s counting on Ralphie pressuring the VSP to come up with something, anything — just not the truth. Reject these people and their hateful policies.

  • 2021-10-26 at 2:36 pm

    So, the Democrats enable heinous acts of evil and then get caught covering it up and add fuel to the fire by prosecuting the father of the assaulted girl knowing full well why he had a rightful outburst of anger. I can’t say that I am surprised that people are threatening pitchforks. When a corrupt government won’t reform itself, what are people supposed to do?

    Plus, the Democrats incited angry mobs for months on end and burned billions of dollars of property and killed dozens of people. But, now that they shoe is on the other foot, Democrats want civility?

    We see here the problem with violence. Violence begets more violence.

  • 2021-10-26 at 4:41 pm

    Buta Biberaj is not only a good person, but she is also an excellent prosecutor we are lucky to have in Loudoun. I have seen her in action and her instincts are admirable, well thought out, and should be taken seriously.

    It is never acceptable to make death threats. Even if someone does something you don’t agree with, then TALK to the person. Don’t threaten them. The extreme animosity of a polarized school board and a polarized community is in absolutely nobody’s best interests.

    Buta has done a lot of good for many people and I am especially grateful for her support with advocacy efforts for women veterans. She has been supportive and encouraging with many different methods of improvement – such as helping create a veteran court system within Loudoun. I appreciate her hard work and determination.

    I do hope she has a change of heart regarding Mr. Smith’s trial and that she helps the Smith family through their heartache and healing. I support her for standing up to the wrongfully charged domestic violence victim who was held in contempt of court.

    I look forward to seeing more of what Ms. Biberaj does and hope she is in Loudoun for many years to come. I regret not being able to be on her Facebook program the way it was originally planned in May, and value her down to earth, get to the point, let’s work it out demeanor. I respect her and I will continue to vote for her. I will NOT encourage anyone to threaten or demean her. Women veterans appreciate her empowering stance on reform and justice. And we say thank you to Ms. Buta Biberaj. We appreciate you.

    • 2021-10-27 at 2:06 pm

      Please give us three examples of when this CA earned a conviction in court AND the criminal received a maximum sentence.

      And I’m going to disallow any references to where she has used her office as a tool to punish her political opponents.

  • 2021-10-26 at 4:43 pm

    What a shock, parents are mad as hell that the schools are pushing a Uber radical agenda while neglecting to teach our kids the basics. They push a radical agenda that lets boys use girls bathrooms but neglect to protect girls from being sexually assaulted – even denying the rape ever happened.

    Time for the school board and senior school administrators should resign. They have done so much damage to our kids no wonder parents are mad as hell.

  • 2021-10-27 at 11:34 am

    Nobody should be threatening her with anything other than a recall petition or other legitimate legal legitimate actions for removal from office (e.g., not voting for her again). Doesn’t matter who is the target of them.

    That said, this behavior is akin to what the Facebook group wanted to do to people who even remotely disagreed with the members, and it is a parallel of a taste of their own medicine without rising (stooping, really) to that level.

    • 2021-10-27 at 8:03 pm

      No, this isn’t akin to the Facebook thing at all and shame on you for making the false equivalency.

      It would not shock me at all if some of the regular commentators in these comment sections made some of these threats. There is something truly unhinged and nasty about their belligerent demeanor.

  • 2021-10-27 at 3:02 pm

    The LCSO has already looked into a number of these reprehensible statements and concluded that no laws were broken. Yes, the words are reprehensible and ought to be out of bounds. Such threats do no one any good.

    But our glorious Commonwealth Attorney was so interested in persecuting Mr. Scott Smith that she couldn’t bother to attend to the case of Ms. Regina Redman-Lollobrigido. Ms. Redman-Lollobrigido received death threats and worse before and after our glorious Commonwealth Attorney released here alleged murderer on trivial bond.

    • 2021-10-27 at 4:50 pm

      Well, it wasn’t *just* a small bond, she did also agree to GPS monitoring for the wife murderer. Which is obviously an effective tool in keeping victims and society safe.
      Oh yeah, she did that with the LCPS sexual predator, too.

      She’s a true guardian of our county’s safety.

      Lollipops and sweetheart plea deals for everybody!

  • 2021-10-27 at 8:28 pm

    This sort of behavior is a hangover effect of Trump’s coarsening the public discourse. Some of his followers (along with Dave LaRock come to think of it) showed up on January 6th to subvert democracy with bear spray, zip ties, knives and who knows what else. That some of these types would also threaten someone they disagree with isn’t a big surprise.

    We hope that America’s better than this but it’s past time to start acting like it.

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