Loudoun’s Turner Elected to ICMA Exec Board

Loudoun Assistant County Administrator Valmarie Turner has been elected to the executive board of the International City/County Management Association, an association of professional city and county managers and other employees who serve local governments.

Turner is one of six newly elected regional vice presidents and will represent the Southeast during her three-year term on the board.

The ICMA Executive Board oversees the organization’s financial, member-related, and programmatic affairs and selects the ICMA president. The board also enforces the organization’s code of ethics, which governs the professional and personal conduct of the membership.

The organization provides training and professional development to more than 11,000 city, town and county managers, their staffs, and other individuals and organizations around the world, including the Loudoun County government.

In her position as an assistant county administrator in Loudoun, Turner oversees the community development agencies, including the Departments of Building and Development, Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, and the Office of Housing. Turner’s service in Loudoun began in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Loudoun’s Turner Elected to ICMA Exec Board

  • 2021-10-15 at 5:01 pm

    Congratulations to Valmarie Turner. She’s been elected to a very prestigious position. Yet another feather in the cap of Loudoun County. Undoubtedly, Ms. Turner will represent the southeast in a commendable manner. Chair Randall & the other supervisors must be so proud. I wish Ms. Turner every success during her three-year tenure on the board.

  • 2021-10-18 at 6:53 am

    Congrats on the impressive new role especially being willing to take on the burden of insuring all governmental organizations meet or exceed ethical expectations:
    On its face a contrarian could view this as a place to accept a stipend and hide with pride but I choose to assume you will seriously work to root out unfair preference and predatory behaviors. Here are just a couple of instances where it seems there is an ethical gap for your consideration.
    1 Are we fairly taxed or do some organizations skirt their ethical responsibility to contribute to the community because gov’t officials look the other way?
    2 Why doesn’t the hospitals and Howard Hughes Institute pay the 28% of property tax allowed to cover police and fire protection for non-profits? Janelia Farm now has apartment buildings (seen from Route 7) completely untaxed!
    3 Why are non-profits that contribute nothing to alleviate the burden of governing the region given the same tax benefits of avoiding property taxes as organizations (like homeless shelters or food banks) who clearly do?
    4 Why have none of the elected local officials (both parties) chosen not to even resist the composite index which the state uses to pull back hundreds of millions/year due to come to Loudoun from sales taxes?
    5 Why has the BOS chosen to ignore LCPS giving its senior executives bonuses for showing up for work in direct violation of state statute 22.1-79 which demands utmost efficiency in the management of public schools?
    When you finish with these I’ll have another 5 for you to consider but please don’t ignore ethics because without it citizens will not trust government and not vote in local elections. (Oh yeah – they already don’t) 🙂

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