Hillsboro Charter Academy Teacher Wins Air Force Association Honors

Hillsboro Charter Academy teacher Megan Tucker earned Air Force Association Teacher of the Year honors for inspiring students to pursue STEAM subjects.

Tucker has taught for 17 years, and has worked to cultivate the instructional programming at HCA since it opened five years ago. 

“Being selected for this honor has been a humbling experience and really a culmination of 17 years of passion for aerospace and STEAM,” Tucker said. “I’m excited to continue to spread the aviation fascination across the nation with the support of the Air Force Association and Rolls Royce as well as the encouragement of my rock star colleagues and the pod of future engineers and innovators that we are growing at Hillsboro Charter Academy.”

Founded in 2016, HCA is a tuition-free public charter school in Hillsboro for students in grades K-5.

One thought on “Hillsboro Charter Academy Teacher Wins Air Force Association Honors

  • 2021-10-12 at 9:42 am

    Congratulations to Megan Tucker. She’s an inspiration for many. And goodness knows we can all use a little inspiration in these difficult times. Science, technology, engineering, the arts & mathematics are important subjects for developing minds. I’m glad Ms. Tucker is encouraging students to pursue those fields. (I’m also in awe of anyone who can fly a plane.) What an honor she is to LCPS!

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