Aldie-Area Farm Placed Under Conservation Easement

The Land Trust of Virginia announced Oct. 6 that Jolee Farm has been placed into permanent conservation easement by owners Joe Keating and Tiffany Lee. The 87.8-acre property is located along Snickersville Turnpike north of Aldie.

According to the announcement, both had visited the area many times since childhood and, upon moving to Middleburg, they sought to ensure the preservation of the qualities that drew them to the area in the first place.

“We found it important to play our part in conserving property in Loudoun County,” Keating stated. “We learned about the value of conservation easements while looking for properties to purchase, and we hope to inspire other landowners to take these steps to preserve our finite natural and historical resources.”

According to the trust, the property’s more than half mile of frontage on Snickersville Turnpike, a designated Virginia Byway, and its high elevation made the property an important conservation piece to maintain the scenic agricultural vista of the area. Three neighboring properties also are protected by conservation and open-space easements, including one held by LTV at Dresden Farm. 

The property also includes a portion of the site of the Civil War Battle of Aldie, now preserved with a No Build Area.  The battlefield land allowed for reduction of easement donation costs because of contributions from LTV’s Deborah Whittier Fitts Battlefield Stewardship Fund, established in 2009.

“This is just our first step in protecting and improving the conservation values of our property,” Lee stated. “We have plans to plant a significant number of trees to increase our forest cover and we hope our friends and family will join us by planting a tree with us when they visit. These trees, planted in their honor, will create special memories over the years.”

 Jolee Farm is the 208th easement completed by the Land Trust of Virginia

“Jolee Farm protects a significant portion of the viewshed as you drive along Snickersville Turnpike,” said LTV Executive Director Sally Price. “The public benefit from this easement is undeniable and furthers our goal of keeping western Loudoun County rural and agricultural.”

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2 thoughts on “Aldie-Area Farm Placed Under Conservation Easement

  • 2021-10-06 at 4:59 pm

    Thanks folks for your kind, gracious plans for your property. Thank God, for once we don’t have to see yet another Carrington Farms signs telling of yet more land desecration for there ugly, McMansions in the middle of nowhere with not concern or care about local traffic patterns, public safety etc. They and other developers only care about their bottom line and don’t care at all for those who live here now, they just care about new residents. Thanks folks, you are our heroes!!

  • 2021-10-06 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks go out to Tiff & Joe for saving a chunk of Loudoun County.

    The Supervisors are crying at the thought of loosing ground where another UGLY, TAX DRAINING data center could have been built,

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