Loudoun Mayors Convene for ‘Therapy Session’ to Open VML Conference

As promised, Loudoun’s seven towns were at center stage as the annual Virginia Municipal League Conference began Sunday at Lansdowne Resort.

The annual conference is top billing for the state’s elected officials in local offices, and Visit Loudoun was estimating around 500 attendees and exhibitors at the three-day event. This week marks the first time the VML conference has come to Leesburg, and even its first time being held in a town.

At each conference the host locality puts on an elaborate “host night” celebration, where local food and beverages are available for guests in what is typically a unique setting. For Leesburg, the site of its host night festivities was at the George C. Marshall International Center, where local cuisine, beverages and even a taste of the local music scene was up for the taking.

Musician Todd Wright even put on his comedy hat for the evening, as he played therapist to Loudoun’s seven mayors, who convened on a lawn stage at Dodona Manor for a mock therapy session, where they shared their struggles over the past year, from COVID, to American Rescue Plan Act funding, to Hillsboro’s dubious distinction of impacting traffic in three states with its ReThink9 project. 

View the clip of the therapy session here.

Earlier in the day, both Purcellville and Hillsboro were honored with awards during VML’s opening session. Purcellville was bestowed with the Environmental Quality Award for its nutrient banking program, while Hillsboro received the Economic Development Award for its ReThink9 project. 

One thought on “Loudoun Mayors Convene for ‘Therapy Session’ to Open VML Conference

  • 2021-10-04 at 1:20 pm

    The “therapy session” was fun to watch. The mayors are a diverse group of various ages, genders, races & political affiliations. I’m partial to Middleburg, the horse country of Virginia. But I also love Lovettsville, which was strongly for the Union during the Civil War. Really, let’s hear it for all of the incorporated Loudoun towns of Hamilton, Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Purcelville, Middleburg & Round Hill.

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