Letter: Dan Stapleton, Aldie

Editor: The article “Leesburg Council Holds Off on Vaccine Mandate Vote” regarding police officer objections is very, very disturbing. The objections to COVID mandates have a highly partisan, political echo to ones we’ve heard across the country. They seem to ignore the public health crisis. The objectors are misinformed and have a strongly selfish ring to them.

I’ve been part of the Leesburg community from the time when the Mighty Midget Kitchen was built from B-29 parts to recent years when I had a business at Leesburg Airport. This whining and veiled threats over resignations and leaving the police force shorthanded is a new and troubling trend. 

Where were their objections to school entry mandates for children to have Hepatitis, TDAP, Measles-mumps-rubella or polio vaccines prior to starting school? Are those diseases somehow more lethal than COVID-19 and deserve more respect or fear? COVID cases are filling ERs and ICUs across the country that put people with other medical emergencies at risk. What are the objectors watching when those news reports fill the evening news, or don’t they watch those news shows? Where would we be if they objected to the smallpox vaccine? How is the Leesburg police force so much more at risk from the vaccines than employees of major companies like United Airlines and Disney who have implemented—and enforced—vaccine mandates? Is it really a matter of risk or do they just object to being told what to do? It looks like their news sources avoid telling them that the vaccinations are safe. Covid vaccines are safe, help prevent the spread of Covid and lessen the chances of new, more deadly variants‑benefits for those around us.

These mandates along with those for school children are the result of careful, reasoned analysis from our best and brightest doctors and epidemiologists, the ones we’ve hired to guard our health and far, far better informed than a bunch of TV pundits, politicians and social media “experts” lacking peer review and self-checking.

The whining over mandates has a deep selfish tone about their rights and nothing about the health rights of their neighbors. This has gone too far. Roll up your sleeve, get vaccinated and help your neighbors.

Dan Stapleton, Aldie

3 thoughts on “Letter: Dan Stapleton, Aldie

  • 2021-09-30 at 12:19 pm

    This is a tough issue, as I see both sides of the debate in a clear-eyed manner. The gentleman obviously has the best interests of Leesburg at heart. Personally, I’m fully vaxxed. But I recognize many folks have made a different decision. When all is said & done, I cannot support firing a significant portion of Leesburg’s police force over this issue. Let’s give it more time before any punitive action is taken. Good luck Leesburg!

  • 2021-09-30 at 3:31 pm

    “Hepatitis, TDAP, Measles-mumps-rubella or polio vaccines prior to starting school? Are those diseases somehow more lethal than COVID-19 and deserve more respect or fear?”

    The answer is yes.

    Those diseases have actual vaccines. What’s being served up as a ‘vaccine’ is nothing more than a flu shot Mr. Stapleton. I didn’t learn that from the news. Rather, I had a reasonable and honest conversation with my personal heath care provider. Reluctantly, I got the shot.

    If these officers decide for themselves it’s not worth it, then that’s their choice. You are more likely to contract covid from your family members than you are from any contact with a law enforcement officer. Your actual question should be — why are the politicians so frantic and shrill? If it’s so good, why do they threaten people and want to make it mandatory?

  • 2021-09-30 at 3:41 pm

    Dan – What are the long term side affects of the Covid vaccine? To compare this vaccine to others that have been around for decades with known side affects is off base.

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