Lovettsville Council Debates South Loudoun St. Sidewalk Options

After years of work, the Town of Lovettsville has a new roadmap for managing its transportation network.

On Sept. 23, the Town Council adopted the town’s first Transportation Master Plan. The 68-page document lays out strategies to make the town more pedestrian-oriented and bicycle-friendly, improve safety, provide adequate parking, and work with developers to promote connectivity. 

A key element of the plan is a priority list for future projects. With the first two on the list—the East Broad Way Phase 2 improvements and streetscape upgrades in the South Church Road/East Pennsylvania Avenue area—already funded and under design, the next focus is on South Loudoun Street.

There the town’s consultant has proposed a series of options to study, including limiting traffic to one-way access, installing sidewalks, and improving drainage. While there are several options, there is no clear agreement. 

During last week’s meeting, the council debated whether to allow the consultant to even consider putting sidewalks along both sides of the road, while there was support for considering one-way traffic only north of the elementary school. Vice Mayor Chris Hornbaker led the opposition to two sidewalks, saying that few town streets had them on both sides. Mayor Nate Fontaine pointed out that the town now requires double sided sidewalks in all new development.

The town has $110,000 in planning money dedicated the project design and flesh out those options for another round of council review. In total, the street upgrade is projected to cost $3.15 million.

Two other projects identified as top priorities are studies of alternatives to improve the Town Square/West Broad Way intersection and the Berlin Turnpike/South Loudoun Street intersection.

One thought on “Lovettsville Council Debates South Loudoun St. Sidewalk Options

  • 2021-09-29 at 9:20 pm

    Any discussion of working on the streets downtown, that does not include getting rid of the awful telephone poles and wires and burying them is wasted money. Downtown Lovettsville looks like it did in 1880. Bury the damn wires! Hamilton did, why can’t Lovettsville?

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