Letter: Pamela Lindo, Purcellville

Editor: Candidate Paul Siker has been critical of Delegate LaRock’s work, but he never gets around to being specific. From LaRock’s website, I see he worked on these things in the last session but was stopped by the Democrat team Siker wants to join.

Paul Siker, what’s wrong with LaRock proposing limits on Executive Orders, or pushing his being a watchdog on transportation spending, or improving safeguards on state contractors working from home? Does Paul Siker really think it’s a waste of time to promote election integrity and defend the 2nd Amendment rights that LaRock works to defend. 

Delegate LaRock has been a champion of closing the gap and bringing good internet service to our rural homes and he’s working to get our state park near Hillsboro opened. I think that LaRock is in touch with the district and Siker and his criticism is a bunch of hot air.

LaRock is giving rock-solid service.

Pamela Lindo, Purcellville

5 thoughts on “Letter: Pamela Lindo, Purcellville

  • 2021-09-29 at 8:14 am

    My cursory research on the challenger has revealed that the entirety of his “platform” is simply that he’s not the other guy.

    Siker won’t even acknowledge to which party he is affiliated.

    If he’s a (D), then I know that we certainly don’t need more of them in Richmond.

  • 2021-09-29 at 11:28 am

    Dave has been a champion of expanding internet in rural areas? Really?

    I wrote Dave’s office about a local effort underfoot to install fiber in our neighborhood and asked for his assistance.

    Never got a response…… *crickets.

    I also wrote democratic State Senator John Bell. His office promptly wrote me back and set up a phone call.

    Our neighborhood got fiber, no thanks to LaRock.

  • 2021-09-29 at 2:50 pm

    I can’t speak for Siker because I don’t know the man, only what he campaigns on.

    But as another Purcellville resident, I *will* respond to Ms. Lindo and ace10 (who evidently only does “cursory” research, probably because more intensive research would challenge his confirmation bias with a strong case of cognitive dissonance.)

    Starting with the issues the letter writer raises:

    Limits on executive orders: Well, no. We have separate branches of government. The legislature doesn’t gag the executive. It’s pretty simple. That sounds unconstitutional, to boot.

    Watchdog on transportation: What does this even mean? That sounds like one of those empty Band-aids professional politicians recommend rather than actually trying to fix a problem.

    Safeguards on contractors working from home? Say, what? What exactly does this imply? What problem is this trying to fix? What is the insinuation here — that those working from home are, what, not working? Why are people like LaRock so deeply suspicious about everything and everyone and see conspiracies everywhere? Is THIS the kind of thinking that made LaRock carry on for months about Biden not winning the election and participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection? No, thanks.

    Defend 2A rights? Again, another straw man issue. They aren’t at risk. We probably SHOULD have more gun restrictions because we have too many heavily-armed legends in their own minds running around, but this is such a non-issue.

    Election integrity? Artificial issue. Not a problem. Proven time and time again. Most recently just last week when the much-ballyhooed Republican-funded recount in Arizona found no evidence of fraud and reported Joe Biden actually won the state by a wider amount than officially reported. People of the 33rd are tired of this straw man being batted around. And if LaRock intends to die on this electoral Hill, we will be sure to make it happen.

    I can tell you some things about LaRock’s legislative history from when Republicans control the legislature that I find deeply concerning. For example, he has introduced bill after bill to try to direct funds for public education to people who homeschool. Oh, gee, he homeschools his kids — so, what, he wants to use his position in the legislature to his personal benefit? Oh, my, a litany of bills “commending” local residents who did meritorious things. That’s fine, but, really? This is what he’s in Richmond doing? Oh, wait, he was stripped of committee assignments? Because of his participation on American democracy Jan. 6? Oh, crud — he’s grandstanding against Virginia universities mandating COVID-19 vaccines? My son attends a Virginia university and lives in a dorm. So, LaRock isn’t interested in keeping him or his constituents safe?

    I don’t need a bill of particulars from Paul Siker to know LaRock has a disgrace and someone who doesn’t represent the values of Purcellville or the rest of the 33rd District. Either LaRock’s fundraising is lagging or someone has done some polling recently, but based on the weak letter campaign from the LaRock faithful, it’s pretty evident they know he is extremely vulnerable in November. Some would argue he sealed that fate on Jan. 6 and in the days after where he first tried to describe the insurrection as a false flag operations by leftists.

    The voters of the 33rd see LaRock clearly for who he is: A disgraced politician who lacked the integrity to resign after his disqualifying behavior. His legislative record is dismal, and that has zero to do with being in the minority party. It’s time for a change — Siker gives us good judgment, good leadership and a strong agenda that isn’t rooted in conspiracy theories and insanity. My guess is not only will Siker win in November, he’ll win by a good five points or more. LaRock is done.

    • 2021-09-29 at 4:46 pm

      Oh, the fanbois are out in full force today.

      Could someone point me to where the challenger has a well-defined set of goals that will SPECIFICALLY BENEFIT the 33rd? Preferably ones that don’t perfectly align with the (D) majority in Richmond who only care about our District’s tax dollars that don’t seem to make their way back up here after being deposited into the treasury.

      And I’m not talking about “strengthen the rural economy” and other amorphous BS.

      And then point me to where the guy actually outs himself as a (D). He does play a lot of word games, but I just can’t seem to connect the dots.

      It’s 2021. The (D)s are in trouble across the nation. The centrist portion of their party has been completely overrun by the wacko radicals. Violent crime’s up. WAY UP. Taxes UP. They’re got a senile old man in the WH who is completely lost as sea. They’ve put up a pathetic excuse for a Virginian on the top of the state ticket.

      The (D)s think they can run like it’s still 2020. Simply trashing the opponent. While pretending that we can’t smell the stench coming from their policies.

      The (D)s are scrambling hard to contain a RED WAVE. At this point, they’ll say anything to remain the majority.

      Loudoun, Virginia and the USA deserve better.

  • 2021-10-04 at 4:53 pm

    Dave LaRock participated in the attempt to stop American democracy on January 6th.
    How does that not disqualify him from serving as a representative in Richmond.
    People need to get over their knee-jerk willingness to excuse any behavior as long as it’s done by someone they are politically aligned with. When we see really reprehensible behavior, we can’t ignore it.

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