Water Conservation Urged as Stoneleigh Recovers from Pipe Break

Update: The boil water notice for the Stoneleigh neighborhood was lifted Friday afternoon. Residents may resume normal water usage.

Residents in Round Hill’s Stoneleigh neighborhood will be asked to conserve water for the next several days after a waterline break drained the neighborhood system’s storage tank. A boil water notice also remains in effect until utility operators are sure any contamination resulting from the repairs has been cleared.

The break occurred on McKnight Court Tuesday night. The town’s utility supervisor Mary Feltner told the Town Council on Wednesday that the pipe likely had been slowly leaking for a period of time—even up to a year–before it split. The rupture quickly drained the 90,000-gallon storage tank for the Stoneleigh water system, which operates independently from the wells and pipes serving neighborhoods on the main town system.

Feltner said that since the water line repairs were completing the Stoneleigh wells have been operating overtime to refill the tank. That process is expected to take several days as he closely monitors aquifer levels and shuts down pumps when conditions require. 

The Town Council discussed whether to enact voluntary or mandatory water use restrictions, but Town Attorney Maureen Gilmore said town ordinances would require the restrictions be imposed on all users, not just those on the Stoneleigh system. 

Today, the town plans to leave notes at each of the 150 Stoneleigh homes urging water conservation.

Feltner said he had noticed a change in the Stoneleigh system in the days before the break and had identified a few high-volume users. The system especially was seeing higher levels of weekend use. 

Capital Projects Manager Rob Lohr said the pipe break was very unusual, one he’s never seen in his 35 years of experience. He and Feltner agreed that it was related to flaws in the installation of the pipes 15 years ago. 

They said the council should consider hiring a company to check the system for additional similar leaks. Feltner also recommended the town consider building a second or larger storage tank to support the Stoneleigh system. 

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