Color Run Supports Suicide Prevention Efforts

In September, during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the Ryan Bartel Foundation will host its We’re All Human 5K Color Run both in person and virtually.

The Bartel Foundation is nonprofit with a mission to prevent youth suicide through awareness, educational programs and activities that support and empower youth, families and the community-at-large.

“Year-round, Ryan Bartel Foundation works with teens and families to educate and empower them with coping skills so teens never turn to suicide as a solution to their stress and pain. In September, which is National Suicide Prevention Month, we will continue those efforts and focus on raising awareness, education and delivering programs on the signs to look for, how to respond and build teens’ resilience so they realize there is always hope and help,” said Executive Director Val Walters.

The We’re All Human Color Run will bring the community together for a fundraiser in support of suicide prevention, and hopefully provide teens and their families with a boost in positivity and connection celebrating life and each person’s unique value in a colorful way. Participants may attend in person to either run or walk and be showered in color at Woodgrove High School on Sunday, Sept. 19, or complete the 5K virtually between Sept. 21-26.

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