Letter: Jennifer Moore, Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area, et al

Editor: The Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area, on behalf of other preservation organizations, in our collective effort to protect the integrity of the surrounding countryside, are all strongly opposed to the application by AT&T to build a telecom monopole on the Short Hill Mountain.  In addition to destroying the viewshed and damaging the natural heritage resources of the area, the proposed tower violates the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and Loudoun’s zoning ordinances.

Although we acknowledge the importance of expanding broadband to unserved communities, Loudoun zoning regulations explicitly prohibit construction of telecom monopoles on top of ridgelines, even in the event of an approved special exception: “Monopoles, General Performance Criteria. All telecommunications monopoles, whether permitted by right or permissible with the approval of a special exception application, shall be subject to the following criteria: . . .

(p) Telecommunications monopoles shall not be located along ridge lines, but
downslope from the top of ridge lines, to protect views of the Catoctin, Bull Run, Hogback, Short Hill, and Blue Ridge Mountains.” [Section 5-618 (Revision Date: June 2, 2020)]

We implore the Board of Supervisors to heed the vote of the Planning Commission and follow the recommendation of the Heritage Commission to reject AT&T’s proposal in its entirety to protect our historic landscape and uphold county policy which was designed precisely to prevent the construction of monopoles on the ridgeline.  If you fail to abide by your own regulations, you would be setting a powerful precedent for additional inappropriate towers that would further threaten our countryside.

Loudoun citizens, please let your voice he heard and write your supervisor now telling them there are other communication options to consider – but not on our ridgeline. Email BOS@ Loudoun.gov and reference CMPT 2020-0005 ATT Morrisonville

We, the undersigned, are unanimous in opposing the tower constructions:

Jennifer Moore, President, Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area

Chris Miller, President, Piedmont Environmental Council  (PEC)

Peter Weeks, President, Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Michael Myers, Executive Director, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

John Ellis, President, Save Rural Loudoun

Madeline Skinner, President, Loudoun Historic Village Alliance

Tara Connell, President, Unison Preservation Society

One thought on “Letter: Jennifer Moore, Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area, et al

  • 2021-09-05 at 7:52 am

    Did any of these groups speak against the proposed bridge in eastern Loudoun that Caleb is so quick to bring up. Seems as if these folks only show up when it is their ox being gored. You want big town amenities while living small town life as in broadband so pay up and create a tax district and pay your own way.

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