Purcellville Council Adopts Changes for One-Stop Voting

Typically for Purcellville’s town elections, all voters head to Emerick Elementary School to cast their ballots. That is changing starting this November.

In a special meeting held virtually Sept. 1, the Town Council adopted an ordinance creating two voting locations—matching the poll assignments used for county, state, and national elections. 

Two issues drove the change.

First, the town is holding a special election Nov. 2 to fill a vacant council seat. It is the same day voters will be casting ballots for state offices and the General Assembly. Without the change, voters on the north side of town—in Precinct 310—would go to Mountain View Elementary School to vote for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and their House of Delegates representative, and then they would have to go to Emerick Elementary School to vote for their Town Council choice. Town voters assigned to the second precinct, 301, already cast their full ballots at Emerick.

Secondly, the General Assembly has mandated that towns move their municipal elections from May to November. That means having a single place to cast ballots in a town that is divided into two precincts for all other races would be a recipe for continuing confusion each year. 

With the change, town voters will go to their regular polling place—Mountain View or Emerick—for all elections.

The council advertised the changes, provided a 45-day comment period and held a public hearing on Aug. 27. No public comments were received. 

The change was approved with a 6-0 vote.

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