Middleburg Goes Greener with Composting Pilot

The town’s Sustainability Committee is advancing plans for a residential composting program that seeks to keep nutrient-rich food scraps out of the landfill.

Committee member Lynne Kaye briefed the Town Council on the proposal last week. She said other area jurisdictions including Arlington and Prince William counties already have launched similar programs.

“There are a lot of bad things that happen when you send food scraps to landfills,” she said, noting that in the U.S. up to 40% of food goes to waste and there is a shortage of compost, in general.

The committee is working with a private vendor, Apex Organix, to run the program. Participating households would contract with the company for the food scrap collection buckets and weekly or bi-weekly pickup at a cost of $14-$20 per month. The program would need about 25 participants to get off the ground. If successful, the program could expand to commercial customers.

No formal approval—and no town funding—was needed from the council.

The committee plans to report back on the results next year.

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