Trial Delayed for Walmart Shooting Suspect

A delay in receiving ballistic reports has prompted a postponement in the trial of Steven Thodos, who is charged with two counts of attempted capital murder and eight other felonies following an early January shootout with Loudoun deputies at the Sterling Walmart.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Jan. 2, Thodos was apprehended by a Walmart loss prevention officer before a Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived and attempted to arrest him. At that point, Thodos, according to witness testimony during a May 13 preliminary hearing, pulled out a gun and started shooting, wounding one deputy and two Walmart employees. He then ran out of the store, stole a vehicle and drove south to Fairfax County before being arrested by police there.

The 34-year-old Sterling man has been scheduled for an eight-day jury trial beginning Sept. 20. However, attorneys told Circuit Court Judge Douglas L. Fleming Jr. on Thursday they were still waiting for the analysis of bullet fragments recovered at the scene. The report had been expected in late July. Both the defense and prosecuting attorneys said the information would be important to trial preparation. 

A new trial date is expected to be set during a Sept. 14 hearing.

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