King Street Mural Celebrated

After years of planning and months of painting, Leesburg leaders on Friday celebrated the completion of the new mural on the concrete wall of the King Street Bridge adjacent to Georgetown Park and the W&OD Trail.

The images pay homage to the begone era when locomotives carrying crops and commuters rumbled through the historic district on the Washington and Old Dominion railway.

The idea was first pitched in 2015, formally approved by the Town Council in 2018, and carried to fruition by two volunteer organizations, the Commission on Public Art and the Friends of Leesburg Public Art. 

The daughter-mother team of Kaeley and Rusty Boyle started painting in April.

“This has been a long time going, but it was certainly worth the wait,” said Friends of Leesburg Public Arts President Rita Sartori, noting the Boyles “worked through the heat and the rain, through everything and did a fabulous job.”

“This truly is an amazing mural. It is just so exciting to see how it has come about,” Mayor Kelly Burk said. “This kind of art really makes a difference in people’s lives. The quality of life is what makes worth it living in Leesburg, this adds to it.”

“It is so exciting to see something of such high quality and such a wonderful addition to public art here in Leesburg,” Burk said, giving credit to the COPA and FOLPA volunteers. “They make things happen that would never happen.  … They make it look easy how they do it.”

For Kaeley and Rusty Boyle the months spent on scaffolding above the creek offered a bit more adventure than their typical art projects. 

“We have plenty of really good stories. Most include rodents and snakes … some interesting troll bridge moments,” Kaeley said.

“It really was an experience, I’ll tell you. Mostly because I loved doing it with my daughter, but also the whole idea of doing a bridge,” Rusty said, adding, ‘Yes, you should have been here for the snakes. That was fun.”

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