School Board to Discuss Notifying Parents of Student Screeners and Assessments

The School Board will review at its next meeting a policy proposal that would require parents be informed before academic screening and assessments, and notified if their children aren’t meeting benchmarks for success.

Students take a number of these screeners throughout the school year, including the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Test, Measures of Academic Progress Assessments, iReady Screeners for high schoolers, and the English language proficiency assessment given to all new students.

The notifications would be visible in the LCPS ParentVUE portal, and likely in emails or on Blackboard. 

The various screeners and assessments have different benchmarks for proficiency, and the policy, as it stands, does not outline those benchmarks.

In the MAP Assessments, for example, the benchmark of progress is the 40th percentile, so parents of students who score in a lower percentile would receive a notification.

During a Pupil Services Committee meeting yesterday, John Lody, the district’s director of Diagnostic and Prevention Services, said that it is important that all parents receive their students’ scores, regardless of whether they meet the benchmark or not. 

“Our plan is to share that information with all parents, but mindful that policy or law requirements ensure that we at least need to let parents know who didn’t make the benchmark,” Lody said. 

Lody also said that the division has been working with schools on crafting notifications to parents that convey their students’ performance.

Board Member Harris Mahedavi (Ashburn) suggested that parents should be informed, prior to testing, what the benchmark score is. Lody said that it would be difficult to include such a stipulation in the policy and regulations, because scoring metrics and instruments frequently change. 

Parents would also be notified of addition assessments to determine if intervention is needed to get a student on track, as well as any intervention plans developed for the student. 

Classes begin in the county on Aug. 26, and testing for some students may begin as early as Aug. 30.

The full School Board will review and discuss the proposed policy during its Sept. 14 meeting.

2 thoughts on “School Board to Discuss Notifying Parents of Student Screeners and Assessments

  • 2021-08-21 at 3:05 pm

    Did I just read that they cant advise parents of the scoring system before the test because the scoring system frequently changes. What kind of used car salesman nonsense is that?

    If all holds true to the pass there is no way the LCSB will vote for o include parents.

  • 2021-08-23 at 1:12 pm

    Maybe Loudoun Now should actually do a story on why this new law came about. It is eye opening how little the school wants to keep parents informed. The laws was spearheaded by a Loudoun parent. And I agree instead of taking Mr. Lodi’s words as the final say then maybe you can better inform your readers. I agee with the above statement. It is nonsense.

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