Letter: Peter Weeks, Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Editor: On Sept. 14 the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will make an important decision regarding the proposed AT&T tower to be built on the ridgeline of the Short Hills.

By voting to deny this tower the Board of Supervisors has an opportunity to re-enforce the policies of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance and send a strong message to the staff and Planning Commission and the citizens of Loudoun County that they are committed to achieve the rural vision as set forth therein. 

What a terrible precedent construction of the AT&T tower would make in so many ways.  It would cheapen the hard work and planning in creating the Comprehensive Plan. It would be a snub to Staff who have spent hours doing the research to properly make recommendations.  It would set the Supervisors at odds with the Planning Commission who acted on public input.  It would ignore the arguments of leading conservation groups opposing it.  It would be a direct violation of the current Zoning Ordinance:

• Section 5-618(B)(3) – Monopoles, General Performance Criteria.  

All telecommunications monopoles, whether permitted by right or permissible with the approval of a special exception application, shall be subject to the following criteria: 

(p) Telecommunications monopoles shall not be located along ridge lines, but downslope from the top of ridge lines, to protect views of the Catoctin, Bull Run, Hogback, Short Hill, and Blue Ridge Mountains.

Finally, the AT&T tower would be a permanent eyesore, and encourage others to further degrade our pristine rural view shed here in western Loudoun knowing that anything written can be undone. 

Please let your voice he heard and write your supervisor now telling them there are other communication options to consider—but not on our ridgeline.

Email BOS@loudoun.gov and reference CMPT 2020-0005 ATT Morrisonville.

Peter Weeks, President 

Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains

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