Letter: Rebecca Ratliff, South Riding

Editor: On July 22, Loudoun County Chair Phyllis Randall tweeted that people who are unvaccinated against COVID should, “have your living will and funeral plans in order.” 

What an irresponsible, anti-science statement. Chair Randall should apologize for spreading misinformation. Let’s consider the facts. 

First point: CDC data. The Loudoun County data on the CDC’s website states that the 7-day moving average for cases is 73.75 per 100,000, 1.67% of hospital beds are currently used for COVID patients, 0% of ICU beds are occupied by COVID patients, and the 7-day average number of COVID deaths is zero. In fact, there have been zero COVID deaths since March of this year, which offers compelling evidence the Delta variant is not more lethal than previous strains. The Delta variant may be more contagious, but there is very little evidence anywhere that indicates it’s more lethal. Besides the Delta variant, when we look at demographics, 93% of Loudoun’s 283 COVID deaths were people aged 60+. Is Chair Randall really saying an unvaccinated person under 60, for example, should start funeral planning? Either she doesn’t understand data or she’s willfully lying.

Second point: the southern border. The number of illegal border crossings has reached 1 million with the number in July 2021 reaching a 20-year high–that only counts those apprehended. How many migrants are COVID positive? We can’t be certain, but Yahoo news reported on July 20 that the number of migrants testing positive for COVID increased 900% compared to the previous 14 months. If Chair Randall is honestly worried that many Loudoun County residents will die of COVID, why isn’t she speaking out against the public health crisis at the border?

Third point: We deserve better. Chair Randall, like other Democrats, chose a scornful and dishonest approach to addressing those who aren’t yet vaccinated. Instead of threatening and mocking them, she should have used facts and genuine concern. Loudoun residents deserve honest and ethical leadership. I invite Chair Randall to put her party’s mantra into practice and actually “follow the science” instead of following the politics. Until then, we’ll wait for that apology.

Rebecca Ratliff, South Riding

3 thoughts on “Letter: Rebecca Ratliff, South Riding

  • 2021-08-09 at 11:38 am

    “Either she doesn’t understand data or she’s willfully lying.” Both.

    For Phyllis, every day is Party Line First. What an astonishing thing for a public servant to say. Notice how vindictive and shrill they’ve become in recent weeks?

  • 2021-08-09 at 3:38 pm

    Which is more likely to happen to the VAST majority of unvaccinated?
    1. Getting sick and/or dying from the vaccine
    2. Giving COVID to someone else and having them get sick and/or dying

  • 2021-08-19 at 6:56 pm

    —> ” If Chair Randall is honestly worried that many Loudoun County residents will die of COVID, why isn’t she speaking out against the public health crisis at the border?”

    Or the 700,000 attending Sturgis for a super-spreader event.

    Someone said to “follow the science”…
    99.5% of all COVID deaths are unvaccinated people; 97% of all hospitalizations are unvaccinated people. Vaccine side-effects across more than 200M people are virtually nil after 8 months.

    The statistics for Loudoun County may be glowing, but how safe are you if you travel anywhere (especially where those infected immigrants are)? How safe will you and your family be when you travel to places where people refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks?

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