School Board Looks to Use Leesburg Funds for Dozens of Facility Improvement Projects

The School Board will request that the Leesburg Town Council review potential projects for school facilities that would be paid for from developer proffers collected by the town.

In a meeting of the Finance and Operations Committee on Tuesday, board members discussed a list of projects that will be sent to council for approval. The proposed projects were recommended by school principals throughout the town.

The town’s funding for school improvement was established in 2005, drawing from money paid by developers in proffers as part of a rezoning, to offset the impact of re-zoning on public facilities. The funds can only be used for existing school facilities, but the committee is also looking to see if the funds can be used for new projects, as opposed to only renovating existing facilities. The town’s proffer fund currently stands at $1.7 million.

One project on the list of proposals, a renovation of the Cool Spring Elementary School playground, has already gotten a green light from the town council to use town proffered funds.

The larger-ticket items on the list are extensive renovations to athletic facilities at Heritage, Loudoun County, and Tuscarora high schools. Tennis court lighting for the three would cost $6.75 million. Adding press boxes to the baseball and softball fields at Heritage and Loudoun County high schools would cost approximately $1.16 million. Heritage High School also requested that a $1.6 million weight room expansion be considered as a potential project.

The list also includes small-scale improvements, such as a $44,000 digital school sign for Leesburg Elementary School. 

The School Board will vote to send the list of proposed projects to the Town Council during its Aug. 10 meeting. Once projects are deemed eligible for the funding, the School Board will discuss and identify formal requests for project approval.

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  • 2021-08-05 at 12:02 pm

    I played sports in HS and college but as a tax payer I have to ask if press boxes are really necessary. I sure there are a number of other issues inside the building that capital improvement money could improve.

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