New ‘Corner’ Coming to King Street

More retail is coming to King Street, and the new addition may be familiar to some. 

The Corner Store, a Waterford favorite, has announced plans to open a second location at 26 N. King St., in partnership with their new next-door neighbor, Cowbell Kitchen. 

Sarah Holway took over operation of The Corner Store in the village of Waterford at the beginning of 2020 with former business partner Kathy Middleton. 

“It really is at the center of the community in Waterford, and you don’t have a lot of commercial activity there. There’s no real space where people can come and sit and have a cup of coffee; that’s something I heard from the community they really wanted. The way that The Corner Store in Waterford has evolved has been based on community feedback married with my interest in design and estate sales, and rearranging and sourcing interesting things from different places,” she said.

Customers should come to expect the same thing from Holway and The Corner Store with its impending arrival in Leesburg. 

“The way that I work is, I don’t come up with five-year plans; things kind of evolve organically based on my relationships,” she said.

The relationship that brought Holway to Leesburg was her friendship with Cowbell Kitchen owners Cheryl Strasser and Bre Grant. 

“I had developed a relationship with Cheryl through our mutual appreciation for the local farming community. This space became available—they wanted space for an office and indoor dining room, and we felt like it would be mutually beneficial. I’m excited for all the possibilities that we haven’t thought of or planned out yet,” she said.

For Holway, the new space gives her another opportunity to market her unusual finds. The Corner Store’s inventory is spread throughout four rooms in the building. The top two floors contain garden and kitchen and pantry-themed items, while the two downstairs rooms are unthemed. On the ground floor, which boasts a living room feel, shoppers can expect to find home design items like rugs, lamps (a personal favorite of Holway’s), furniture and more. 

Owner Sarah Holway describes being in The Corner Store as being in someone’s living room. [Renss Greene/Loudoun Now]

All of The Corner Store’s items are vintage or used. 

“I don’t buy anything new,” she emphasized. “I’ve never bought a new piece of furniture in my life—for myself or the store.”

She describes the vibe of the store as bohemian, mid-century, with a hint of upstate New York. While Holway said she mixes “all eras,” she has a particular soft spot for the upstate New York region, specifically the areas of Ithaca and Cooperstown, and its signature old, wooden furniture. Her family is from that area, and she has spent a lot of time antiquing in those parts, she said. 

As far as future collaborations with Cowbell Kitchen, Holway said the possibilities are numerous. The owners have already chatted about utilizing some of The Corner Store space to host private events, like bridal showers or rehearsal dinners, and even collaborating on work for weddings, given Holway’s flower-arranging skills and Cowbell’s handmade cakes and delicacies. 

A grand opening celebration is planned for 4-8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 12, and the store will officially open for business the following day. 

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