Middleburg Council to Maintain Salamander Connections

The Middleburg Town Council last week opted not to seek changes in the layout of Salamander Resort’s residential neighborhood, leaving in place plans to extend two town street into the development.

Residents in the town’s Ridgeview neighborhood had urged the council to reconsider plans to connect Reed and Chestnut streets to the section of the 340-acre resort where construction on49 single-family homes is expected begin this fall.

Following a new review of traffic projections, most councilmembers concluded that there were few alternatives to adequately handle the traffic without the planned extensions. Members also said that extending the town’s street grid into Salamander was an important element in blending the new homes with the existing community.

Chris Bernard was among the council members worried about creating an “us” versus “them” relationship between the town and the resort if the connections weren’t made.

“I think is separates us from them and further divides Salamander from the town. I don’t necessarily think that is the best thing for the town in the long term,” he said.

Mayor Bridge Littleton thanked both the staff and town residents for putting in the time to raise the concerns and examine alternatives.

“Your input has made us think in other ways,” he said. “It is always good to take another look at things.”

“If there is anything that strikes true out of this entire issue that we’ve been wrestling with for the past two months now, it is the out and out care and love for the town and the community, which I think is really, really special. You would not see this in most places,” Littleton said.

In the end, no formal action was taken. That means that the plans that were previously approved will remain in force. Only Councilwoman Darlene Kirk advocated asking the resort’s leaders to forego the connections, saying it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 

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