Letter: Lauren Harris, Leesburg

Editor: As a child, I played war and got dirty. I never played “house” or “school” and never took an interest in dolls. I never showed any of the more characteristically female traits towards nurturing… Luckily, I wasn’t growing up today. 

When I read the “Max” story, I couldn’t help but think of myself. There was never any mention of this biologically, female child having asked to be a boy. Rather, this decision was made on his behalf based on what would seem to be, his tendency toward “boyish” preferences. 

But, this conversation is about much more than one specific story. It’s about a new wave of transgenderism impacting our kids—primarily our girls. 

Follow the data: 

• Transgenderism has historically only impacted 0.01% of the population according to the American Psychiatric Association.

• Now, according to the CDC, there’s an unprecedented increase—with 2% of all high school students identifying as transgender and most of those are biological girls.

• Late on-set gender dysphoria, among those who have never displayed any prior inclinations, is outside of the realm of what has been seen up until right now. So much so, that a new name has been suggested to uniquely identify it—Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria or ROGD.

What is going on here? ROGD is believed to be, in part, triggered by social media and peer influence. See the PLOS One journal. As more research is done, I’m sure that school impact will also be considered. ROGD is often positioned as the cure for all ills to teen girls that may be experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. In many cases, it makes those pre-existing issues worse.

As a parent, do you think you should have a right to have these conversations with your child?  

If you don’t support an immediate gender identity change; if you question it; if you attempt to stall to make sure it’s the right path for your child, the school now has the right (and some may say responsibility) to report you to Child Protective Services as well as the school attorney under claims of abuse. Don’t believe me? See page 14 of the policy. It’s easy enough to find, and it’s all in black and white right there in the policy that they are asking all Virginia school boards to adopt.

The state seeks to completely disregard our rights as parents and encourage our children to hide their actions from us—with the help of the schools. 

Ask your LCPS board member to say “No!” to this poorly and hastily written policy. Because, last I checked, parental rights do still exist in Virginia, and this school system nor the state of Virginia has any right to circumvent our rights for their political agendas.

Lauren Harris, Leesburg

3 thoughts on “Letter: Lauren Harris, Leesburg

  • 2021-07-27 at 11:22 am

    Logic and reason have no place in public education.

  • 2021-07-27 at 3:56 pm

    “The state seeks to completely disregard our rights as parents and encourage our children to hide their actions from us—with the help of the schools.”

    This is precisely what totalitarians throughout history do: Hitler Youth, Communist “pioneer”groups. Hamas totally gets off on putting children (boys only) through ‘summer camps’ where they are taught hate. Other run of the mill terrorists thug organizations with different names. All one and the same. They always go after your kids.

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