Volunteers Build New Playground for 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

A 5-year-old cancer patient in South Riding will have some new digs to spend his summer days in, thanks to a partnership between Dominion Energy volunteers and ROC Solid Foundation.

The Prior family has endured a trying year, as young Jack battled Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. While in the hospital, representatives from ROC Solid, a Virginia-based charity that builds playgrounds for pediatric cancer patients, offered to build a brand-new playset in the Prior backyard. 

“For Jack, it’s a playset, but for us, it means a safe place for him to play. We don’t have to take him to a ball pit or somewhere with germs, because it’s so important with his immune system being compromised that he stay away from the masses. It’s a place for him to be a kid,” Caitlin Prior, Jack’s mother, said. 

Dominion Energy fielded a team of Loudoun County employees to build the set for ROC Solid. Jack watched excitedly from the house while the team 

“We were wanting to get a new playset, but when he got diagnosed, we were like ‘well, we’ll put that on the back burner’, so this is crazy-awesome timing,” Prior said. 

The Prior family also has 3-year-old twins, who were on hand for the playset reveal.

“We’re extremely grateful that people would give up their time to make this little boy’s dream come true.”

The Prior family expects that their backyard will become the new hangout for neighborhood kids.

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