Loudoun Zoning Ordinance Work Delayed

The timeline to write a new county zoning ordinance to implement the vision of the 2019 General Plan has been delayed by six to eight months following a vote by the Board of Supervisors June 15.

The county has had 56 in-person and remote focus groups with the public and various organizations and interest groups. The work is now in the hands of the Zoning Ordinance Committee, which has been working on the new ordinance for the last six months, and an early draft of the first major section of the new ordinance, containing use type tables by policy area, has been produced.

However, a county staff report indicated the “preliminary and rough nature” of early drafts of new zoning ordinance language had caused some confusion, and county planners asked for a 6 to 8 month extension in the committee’s work to give them time to develop draft materials more fully, including companion documents to explain proposed changes. That, they hope, will reduce confusion and concern among people attending the meetings.

The new timeline puts the new zoning ordinance in front of the Planning Commission in late 2021 to mid 2022, and the Board of Supervisors in mid to late 2022.

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