Assault Charges Against Former WFT Running Back Dismissed

The Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office on Wednesday dismissed criminal charges against former Washington Football Team running back Derrius Guice at the request of the victim.

Guice, 23, was charged in February 2020 with the three Class 1 misdemeanors, along with a felony strangulation charge, after his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her on three separate occasions.

In January, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office agreed to not prosecute Guice’s felony strangulation charge. In a case filing at that time, prosecutors said proceeding with the misdemeanor cases was appropriate to hold Guice accountable and give his girlfriend the chance to let her voice be heard.

In the June 23 appearance in Loudoun District Court, Guice and the victim presented an accord and satisfaction agreement that was accepted by the judge. The remaining charges of assault and battery and destruction of property were dismissed.

The agreement was made under a state law that allows the victim to request the criminal case be dismissed after the accused has performed certain acts that render the victim satisfied.

The former LSU standout was the Washington Football Team’s second round draft pick in 2018. Because of knee injuries he played in only five games before the team released him after the criminal charges were filed.

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