Letter: Lori Page, Lovettsville

Editor: I am writing this letter to express my dismay and concern regarding events in my beautiful little town this past week. I call it “The Town Formerly Known as ‘Love’ttsville.” It is clear that we do not fit that name any more.

There has been a tremendous amount of hostility and frustration and hate mongering the last four years in Lovettsville. I believe most of us were ready to put the animosity aside and choose unity and cooperation for our town.

This week, we have been assaulted yet again by the hate element. Our dear neighbors have had their Pride and BLM flags vandalized and then stolen.

This is not isolated to simply one family. Something needs to be done before the hate turns to violence and the alienation of children and families in our community.

It is very simple. Love is love. Family is family. In our country, we have the freedom to love who we want and the right to live safely. Those who seek to disrupt these values are unAmerican.

I thought about it all day yesterday as I made a road trip to a family member’s house. I saw “Don’t tread on me,” “This truck protected by Smith and Wesson.” “God and Guns:, the glue that holds the Republican Party together,” “Trump 2020: Make Democrats cry Again,” and this one: ”God is a Republican.” I find these bumper stickers in bad taste. They do not reflect my values and in my opinion encourage hate and division. But do I have the right to vandalize these stickers or peel them off and burn them? Of course not. They are representative of someone’s views, an American’s views. And they are private property.

In America, we are allowed to express our viewpoints. We are allowed to say what values we choose to embrace, and what perspectives we support. all of us, liberals and conservatives. And Lovettsville is not an exception. 

It is time that town officials come out with a strong condemnation of the hate and division in this town, and thank you Mayor Nate Fontaine for beginning the process. It is time that families, and business owners and individuals realize the toll this hate takes on our businesses, our children and our property values. Take a stand. If you see something, do something. If you hear something, say something. Make a commitment to the people in your community. 

And if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, at least remember that, in America, we can choose and we are entitled to express those choices.

Lori Page, Lovettsville

6 thoughts on “Letter: Lori Page, Lovettsville

    • 2021-06-19 at 9:15 am

      Norges53, Ok so you offended. Does that give you the right to destroy someone’s property? I am offended by your comment, should I go after you? I am tired of loud noisy trucks speeding down side roads! I am tired of all those who have not been vaccinated in Loudoun County. I am tired of contractors never really doing what they promise to do. And the list goes on BUT I would never take my personal feeling out on anyone or any ones property. Was your comment really necessary other than to enrage me? If that’s the case you accomplished your mission. Bully for you.

  • 2021-06-19 at 10:14 am

    Lori is 100% correct. The town that starts with LOVE should not tolerate an alt-right council and the hatred it breeds. Prior to 2018, there was a council with diverse partisan makeup that never once became a battleground or attracted extremist elements. In 2022 the core of this putrid element is up for re-election who will step up to oppose it?

  • 2021-06-20 at 6:58 am

    Lori, You raise an interesting point in my opinion. How should we view love of country as it pertains to love of one’s own family? Another way to put it is whether an open statement that originated in the Revolutionary War era that “we” (Americans) will react to being tread upon. I think this was the theme President Biden expressed to Mr. Putin about not even trying to interfere with 16 important infrastructure activities or else the USA WILL RESPOND! How is that different from a “Don’t tread on me” bumper sticker. It would seem to be defensive in nature yet you label it as offensive. I believe this is a relevant topic to consider given the turmoil we see expressed by our media. Should hoodlums burning out a small business or stealing items from local stores in a riot be coddled as somehow justified? Should we love seeing our school board threatening to remove Asian children from taking advanced courses they clearly qualify for on some unjustified demographic agenda? Is that love or a coordinated effort to obtain an unearned preference? Is it fair to protest defensive statements when such obviously offensive things are being condoned. For me the primary SYSTEMIC problem we need to fix is the lack of journalistic quality in our media able to portray all sides of an issue instead of trying to tell us on a daily basis that the explosion of violence in places like Portland is somehow justified or that our children should be labeled and treated as either over privileged oppressors or systemic victims instead of young Americans who should NOT BE TREAD UPON! 🙂

  • 2021-06-21 at 10:28 am

    Yes, you should complain about people’s signs and flags being vandalized or stolen… but where were you when it was happening to the “Trump 2020” signs? Were you saying the same thing? Were you out there making the same demands that people stop? Or are you doing it now because it’s happening to signs and flags that you agree with? You never really saw it in the news when it happened to the Trump campaign signs but sure as there’s crap in a goose you saw the pictures and stories about how a Biden campaign sign was vandalized or stolen. I don’t have to like signs or flags… but I’m not about to walk onto someone’s property and kick it over or otherwise damage it or steal it. Not only is it a crime (trespassing, vandalism, minor theft) but it reflects poorly on the candidates or issues I might support.

  • 2021-06-22 at 3:17 pm

    I am 100% opposed to anyone taking someone else’s property, period. However the writer ignores the fact that BLM is divisive in the eyes of many people. I view BLM signs and flags the same way I view the Rebel Flag. Those displaying either object are one in the same to me.

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