Fox and Friends ‘Breakfast with Friends’ Segment Hits Leesburg Diner

Fox News’ Morning Show, Fox and Friends, spent Friday morning at the Leesburg Diner, giving locals a national forum for their criticism of local government, particularly the racial equality dialogue in district schools.

The segment, Breakfast with Friends, featured reporter Lawrence Jones interviewing diners about local issues in towns throughout America.

During the Friday morning show, a number of local conservative activists and parents, including former county School Board, county supervisor, and current 10th Congressional District Republican Party Chairman Geary Higgins, gave Jones interviews.

“I spent the better part of the last of the last 20 years working to create a school system that was a great school system. And what’s happened over the last 17 months is we’ve done away with advanced degrees, we’ve done away with class rank, we’ve dumbed down class learning,” Higgins said. “We can’t read Dr. Suess, but we can read sexually explicit books. And we’ve turned our Academies of Loudoun, which was intended to be a magnet school for the high performers, we’ve put quotas on that, so we’ve dumbed that down as well.”

“The last few years have just been incredible to realize they are putting an agenda on our students,” said a local parent named Elizabeth. “I don’t think we need to be identified and even using a label when kids are colorblind.”

One district teacher named Tracy talked about her relief that the pandemic seems to be almost over.

“They were so happy to be back in school, they were just happy to have the relationships and be back in with their teachers. All of the kids, no matter the challenges they went through, they learned skills,” said the teacher. 

Those attending the June 18 Fox and Friends live remote at the Leesburg Diner were greeted with sidewalk messages supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

2 thoughts on “Fox and Friends ‘Breakfast with Friends’ Segment Hits Leesburg Diner

  • 2021-06-18 at 8:33 pm

    Before long, the town will rename King Street “Black Lives Matter Boulevard.” After all, weren’t “kings” white oppressors who supported slavery?

    • 2021-06-20 at 2:47 pm

      You got a little hetted up by your Faux Friends and decided to build a strawman to celebrate?

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