Report: Motorist Reaches 99 MPH Through Hamilton

The Town Council saw some surprising numbers Monday night when reviewing the latest data captured by the town’s speed signs, including several instances of drivers exceeding 90 mph on the town’s 25 mph streets.

While the data shows that about half of the motorists exceed the town’s 25 mph speed limit by at least 5 mph. The average speed of those violators on Colonial Highway was reported at 65 mph.  The highest recorded speed was 99 mph at 6 a.m. one day during the May 17 to June 6 study period. On more than a dozen occasions, the maximum recorded speed exceeded 80 mph.

“I have had a fast car before, but I just could not imagine driving 99 through this town,” Councilman Craig Green said.

Town Treasurer Tina Staples said VDOT again has stated that speed bumps are not an option on Colonial Highway because of the amount of traffic it handles. The council continues to seek General Assembly authorization to install speed cameras that would record violators and issue fines. 

2 thoughts on “Report: Motorist Reaches 99 MPH Through Hamilton

  • 2021-06-15 at 2:04 pm

    We have a sheriff’s department and speed traps are part of their job.

    We should oppose speed cameras until legislation is passed that treats everyone equally before the law. While ostensibly they are for public safety, they quickly become a local government ATM and a cash cow. But, the most egregious abuse is that GOVERNMENT VEHICLES DON’T PAY THE FINES. The camera has no bias, when you speed, you get a ticket. But government agencies simply don’t pay the fines so government employees get off the hook even though they are committing the same crimes. It is one more instance of government not following the rules that citizens must obey.

    Until government starts paying its fair share of traffic tickets (which is all of them), say no to speed cameras.

  • 2021-06-16 at 7:36 am

    Do you have proof on your cash cow allegations? Here’s the facts in Hamilton – the sheriffs are trying to cover a lot of western loudoun, and don’t have enough coverage. We could double, or triple our local taxes to hire a police force to catch speeders. Our report shows them at all hours and times, so that’s something like 5 full time officers, just so that the 600 people who live here can actually cross from one side of the road to another. It is insane at times around here. And sure, some of those were public safety, but they at least should have a reason for speeding.
    It would be great if people would be considerate of their neighbors and not treat our town, and all the small towns, and 300 miles of back roads in loudoun as speedways, but they don’t. It is plain rude the way they act, and if the only recourse is speed camera, then yeah, it think it is fine.

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