Letter: Stacia and Jarron Frye, Aldie

Editor: Our county is at a crossroad in its decisions about the quality of life here in Loudoun in how it deals with the Aldie Assemblage and the St. Louis property. 

The time is long overdue for our supervisors to support heritage and ethics rather than greed and growth.  

Of the choices available for the Aldie Assemblage, the Gerachis offer, supported by Supervisor Buffington restores the village in alignment with established county guidelines. During last week’s board meeting, attorney Jim Campbell (representing Aldie Community Development Company with a competing offer), implied that their “higher offer” is the best choice, but we must realize that this offer comes with strings attached for future development and is merely a foot in the door for exploitation and destruction of the village.

The area between Aldie and Middleburg has multiple wineries, breweries and cideries. Middleburg has retail shops that sit vacant for months or won’t sell because of a lack of business. Aldie growth does not need to be set up for this type of future development. Our area is saturated, and the established businesses do not need that kind of competition. 

What we do need is restoration, preservation, and conservation. Gerachi’s offer does this. It is straightforward and supported by local people who have worked for generations to maintain the quality of the village. His offer is also supported by major citizen and environmental groups associated with the area, including the Aldie Heritage Foundation and the Piedmont Environmental Council.

The St. Louis approval for MOJAX was a sad mistake that never should have happened to this historical community. Haven’t we taken advantage of and destroyed enough of the Black heritage? The quality of water, established cemeteries, and affordable housing community needs should have mattered above all else, especially money and the poor decisions must be rectified. Additionally, those proposed houses would also drive taxes up for established residents and add to our already seriously congested Rt. 50 issues.

We are historically the richest county in the nation and we need representation that is concerned about quality over quantity. All of our supervisors, not just Mr. Buffington, must stand up to these aggressive and self-serving developers that threaten Aldie and St. Louis, even if it costs money that requires budget adjustments. There are ways to fight them if our board members want to represent their constituents.

Stacia and Jarron Frye, Aldie

2 thoughts on “Letter: Stacia and Jarron Frye, Aldie

  • 2021-06-15 at 6:28 pm

    The Loudoun County BoS has no intention or interest in controlling development in Loudoun County. Their clear goal is to perform slight-of-hand tricks so as to appear they are attempting to mitigate the pace of development while ramming through as much development as humanly possible.

    If that isn’t obvious to everyone by now then the BoS has some prime farmland they want to sell you.

  • 2021-06-15 at 11:49 pm

    Your fight is not with the developers. You are fighting your neighbors who are just trying to obtain fair market value for their private property. Or do you think Aldie and the rest of LoCo is a collective under the thumb of autocrats at King and Market streets?

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