Letter: Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

Editor: If it hasn’t become patently obvious to you at this point that we have activists, rather than public servants, on the school board (and the Board of Supervisors), well, then you’re probably part of the problem here in Loudoun County (or LoCo as it is not so ironically, nicknamed). 

I work with people from all over the country and when they find out where I am from they inevitably mention how we have been in the national news lately; it is, frankly, embarrassing. Lincoln said in his Lyceum address, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher”—indicating that the threat to our republic was not from another nation but divisiveness within. Surely, we are seeing this locally with the divisive activist words and agendas from both boards.

When we started having kids, my wife and I were glad to know the reputation Loudoun schools had for producing excellent students. I had no idea that the education would also involve indoctrination. It became obvious this was the case when, about nine years ago, while driving my oldest son for a day of skiing, he declared “guns are bad” when the news of a shooting played on the radio. Because he had been around firearms, been taught how to shoot, and the respect and safety that are required around them, as well as the fact that his response sounded very “canned” I asked where heard “guns are bad.” At school, from a teacher, was the frank reply I got. After explaining to him that a gun had no more capacity than a knife, a car, or a hammer to be “bad,” I could see, by his thoughtful appearance, that the attempt to brainwash my child had failed.  

What we are seeing now is a whole new level of deceit. That a sexually confused child could be enabled by the government to deepen their confusion through forced lies from a respected educator is disturbing. What should be happening is a collaboration between the school system and the parents to get the child the help he or she needs. The fact of the matter is, studies have shown that in 80+% of the cases with gender dysfunction, psychological counseling allows that person to feel comfortable in the truth of their God-given physical identity before they make irreversible decisions regarding their bodies. Further, teaching children to see each other first by the color of their skin, or race, and then elicit a racial response where one is seen automatically as oppressed and one as the oppressor is bigoted, racist, and false. What should be taught is Martin Luther King “not by the color of their skin…” who was echoing Jesus when He said, “Do not judge by mere appearances…”. On second thought, we’ll do the parenting, you stick to reading, writing and arithmetic (btw, correct answers aren’t racist).

Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

One thought on “Letter: Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

  • 2021-06-14 at 2:10 pm

    You left out swimming pools and swiss army knifes?

    Guns are like swimming pools, cars, hammers and knives. Except that they’re guns. And they’re not bad and I’m glad you cleared this up for your son

    Who could possibly be confused?

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