Purcellville Council Adopts Smallest Budget Since FY17

The Purcellville Town Council on Tuesday night adopted an $18.65 million Fiscal Year 2022 operating budget, the smallest budget adopted in five fiscal years. The council held the real estate tax rate level and increased utility rates.

The operating budget is a 4% decrease from the FY21 budget, which the council adopted in two phases: the first budget adoption accounting for revenue and expenses in the first quarter of the fiscal year and another accounting for finances throughout the entire fiscal year. Compared with FY20, the FY22 operating budget represents a 2% decrease.

The last time the town adopted an operating budget below $19 million was in FY17, when the council adopted a $17.43 million budget.

The budget includes a real estate tax rate maintained at the previous year’s level of $0.22 per $100 of assessed value, but increased water rates by 3% and sewer rates by 5%. The council also implemented a new four-tier utility rate structure recommended by Stantec, the town’s utility rate consultant.

According to a June 11 town statement, the budget maintains current service levels that include weekly residential trash and recycling services and “respectable response times” for street maintenance, snow removal and building and zoning services.

The budget also includes changes to fees, including changes to the Park & Recreation pavilion rental fee and the addition of a new water meter fee.

The $3.78 million Capital Improvement Program features $1.18 million set aside in the General Fund for existing transportation and pedestrian projects to improve traffic flow and make the town more walkable; $125,000 set aside in the Parks and Recreation Fund; and a combined $2.48 set aside in the Water Fund and Sewer Fund for reservoir and water distribution improvements and sewer line rehabilitation projects.

Read the full budget at purcellvilleva.gov/budget.

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