Evergreen Christian High School Eyes Fall Opening

Evergreen Christian School, a new private high school in Leesburg, is set to open its doors this coming fall.

Jenn Mastran, director of Development and a founding board member, said that Christian education for kids has long been a passion of her family. Her parents, Barbara and Louis Giuliano, had planned to give their estate to charity, but Mastran had a better idea; she researched local Christian schools and dreamed up Evergreen. 

“We are hoping to fill a niche. There aren’t any nondenominational Christian schools in Leesburg. We’re going to have the full high school experience. You have to test in, and hold a certain grade point average,” Mastran said. She said that mandatory Bible classes will also make the Evergreen experience different from other schools in the area. 

Evergreen will welcome its inaugural ninth and 10th grade classes this coming fall. In 2022, it will add an 11th grade, and finally in 2023, a 12th grade class. The school’s board hopes to welcome 50 students between this year’s two incoming classes. The ECS School Board has hired more than a dozen teachers and coaches. 

Mastran leaned on the leadership at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax for guidance. From disaster planning, such as learning through the coronavirus pandemic, to integrating Christianity into a high school curriculum, Trinity has provided a blueprint for Evergreen. Michael Dewey, a former assistant principal at Trinity, was even tapped to be Evergreen’s head of school.

The school grounds are located on Evergreen Mills Road, in the building that was once Leesburg Christian School. Manstran’s family purchased the 21-acre property in July 2019 for $4.25 million. The building is undergoing a renovation that is set to be complete before the beginning of the academic year. 

Although the small student body size will initially limit ECS in terms of athletic offerings, students will be able to represent the Evergreen Eagles in wrestling, tennis, golf, and cross country. There will also be chorus, theater, and arts programs. Christian theology will be at the heart of ECS student life.

“Every idea, every thought that is being held up as something worthy of belief, we’re going to say ‘how should a Christian think about this?’” Dewey said. “We’ve set our own learning objectives, with the goal of providing a rigorous academic program to create a Christian response to the problems the world is facing.”

The tuition will be $17,000 per year, which is on par with the average cost of private high school in Virginia. Grants and aid will be available for families. A number of donors have contributed full scholarships.

“For anyone out there who feels like they can’t afford it or they don’t qualify, we’re willing to look at them and award scholarships,” Manstran said.

As the student body grows in coming years, Dewey says the school’s board will look to add more sports and to join in an athletic conference with other area Christian schools. 

Applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 school year.

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