Round Hill Nearly Set for Town Expansion Talks with County

Round Hill town leaders are nearing the next stage in their drive to expand the town limits and increase population.

The Town Council on Wednesday night discussed in detail the prospect of a town boundary line adjustment for the first time since before the start of the pandemic. The action would initially bring a dozen properties into the town limits.

Those properties include four parcels along Mystic Lane, three along West Loudoun Street, one on Heroes Lane, two on Walraven Way, the Hill High Marketplace, the Sheriff’s Office Western Loudoun Station and Loudoun County Public Schools’ Round Hill Support Center. The town is also looking to include the Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club. There, only the club property and accompanying structures, and not residential homes, would be brought into the town.

Of the multiple property owners polled by the staff polled to determine their willingness to be included in the boundary line adjustment, most are willing, including the county, which plans to construct a new firehouse next to the Sheriff’s Office station in the coming years. According to Town Administrator Melissa Hynes, that firehouse is 30% through the design phase and, once completed, should conform well with the town’s architecture.

Three other property owners have yet to respond and two need more time to consider. Hynes said the town is also waiting on a response from the school system regarding the Round Hill Support Center.

Hynes said the town staff is aiming to get a completed list of all the properties the town intends to bring into the corporate limits to the county by June 16. After that, town and county staffers will work out the details of the boundary line adjustment before the Town Council and Board of Supervisors each hold public hearings to solicit input from residents.

One of the concerns with a boundary line adjustment is how the town’s boundary line can be drawn when two properties don’t adjoin. Mayor Scott Ramsey clarified that the town’s border can run thinly along roads to connect with all included properties, such as connecting Stoneleigh with the Hill High Market and the market with the Sheriff’s Office station property.

“We have a lot of options to grab these properties and then dodge others,” he said.

Yellow stars indicate properties willing to be pulled into the town limits. Green stars indicate properties that have yet to respond and red stars indicate properties that need more time to decide. [Screenshot: June 2 Council Meeting]

2 thoughts on “Round Hill Nearly Set for Town Expansion Talks with County

  • 2021-06-04 at 5:04 pm

    These expansion talks should stop.
    Let the Town of Round Hill die.
    Tired of paying the extra town tax with the only benefit being trash pickup.
    I hope residents outside of the current town boundaries fight this.
    Nostalgia is not a reason to keep Round Hill as a town.

    The Town council has listed the following as reasons to expand:
    – Enlarge the pool of candidates for local offices, boards and commissions,
    – Improve contacts and connections within the Round Hill community
    – increase the town tax base
    – Promote the achievement of Comprehensive Plan goals.

    None of these are valid reasons for expansion of the Town.

    How about finding out WHY current residents do not want to be part of the Town council or any board of the Town.

    Dissolve the town, revoke the Town charter.

    Once completed and passed by the Virginia Assembly the water and sewer system would be taken over by Loudoun Water, the roads would be handled by VDOT and they only thing you would have to do is contract for trash.

  • 2021-06-10 at 10:30 pm

    I am at a loss as to why Round Hill wants to expand and add population! What is wrong with you? Do you not have good examples of poor planning and runaway growth in Putridville (Purcellville) and Lousyburg (Leesburg)? Round Hill “used” to be a nice little town until you let souless, non-creative developers ruin your hills and town. There are too many sad looking cookie cutter towns all over Loudoun and now you want to join them? Shame on you.

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