Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor: Three cheers to the many citizens who are fighting against the corruption of the original Three R’s by the Democrats on the Loudoun County School Board.

As the School Board’s Democrats are trying to replace the original Three R’s—reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic—with a new set of Three Rs—radicalism, race-baiting and retaliation—it’s heartening to see many citizens stepping up and fighting back.

Bravo to the leaders of the 10th District Republican Committee, the Loudoun County Republican Committee, and the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club for exposing to the public the Loudoun School Board’s efforts to “close our schools, eliminate class rank and advanced diplomas, lower math requirements, introduce quotas into the Academies of Loudoun admissions process, reduce access to certain books while providing students with sexually explicit content, and implement divisive Critical Race Theory-based curriculum into our schools.”

Well done to Loudoun teacher “Tanner” Cross for suing the school Democrats for their violation of his First Amendment right to free speech and his right to express his religious beliefs.

Hip, Hip, Hooray to Leesburg’s Cornerstone Chapel Pastor Gary Hamrick, who spoke out against the School Board’s unconstitutional retaliation against Mr. Cross.

Congratulations also to all the other citizens who initiated the political recall process, and/or signed the petition, to recall these Democrats.

Let’s hope that the recall, removal from office, and replacement of these School Board officials will eventually lead to the restoration of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic and to the end of the radicalism, race-baiting, and retaliation.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

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