Purcellville’s Nutrient Bank Complete, Awaiting DEQ Approval

The Purcellville Town Council this week held a public hearing on its initiative to create a nutrient bank on the Aberdeen property, four weeks after the bulk of the project had already been completed.

In March this year, the town selected Davey Resource Group to create a nutrient mitigation bank on 93.4 acres of the 189-acre Aberdeen property. The town plans to use the nutrient bank to generate about 77 nutrient credits to sell to developers who are required to offset the environmental impacts of their construction projects. The town will sell those credits for $18,000 to $30,000 a piece, according to a May 25 staff report.

According to that staff report, Davey planted at least 400 trees on each of the designated 93 acres between April 23 and 27. Four weeks later, on Tuesday night, the council held a public hearing to solicit resident input on the initiative. No one spoke.  Town Attorney Sally Hankins said that hearing was a “courtesy public hearing” to prepare the town for a June 8 public hearing.

During that meeting, the council is expected to vote to approve the town’s contract and all associated documents with Davey.

Next in the timeline, the Department of Environmental Quality will need to verify the legitimacy of the project to release the nutrient credits for sale.

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