Oak Grove Pitched as Name for Loudoun’s Alternative High School

A special committee of students, staff, parents, and the public has recommended that the new alternative high school program be named Oak Grove High School.

The school, which will launch next fall as a separate school within the Park View High School building, is intended for students whose formal education has been interrupted by external and life challenging circumstances, such as young parents or those who must work to support their families.

The committee’s alternate choices for consideration by the School Board are William Obediah Robey High School and Monarch High School. 

Oak Grove was recommended to honor the students who will attend the new school as well as the families who first founded the Oak Grove community on Loudoun’s eastern boundary. The committee wrote that the name would pay tribute to the formerly enslaved men, women and children who had to fight for their freedom to establish a community of their own in 1871.

William Obediah Robey was a minister and a teacher working in the Freedmen’s Bureau’s schools in Loudoun County. His home, on the corner of Church and North streets, became the second Freedmen’s Bureau School in Leesburg in 1866 and he became its teacher. When Loudoun’s public school for African American children opened on west North Street, he became a teacher of the lower grades until 1888. 

Monarch was considered because of the parallels of metamorphosis to the process of growing up for high school students. 

The School Board was to be briefed on the recommendations Tuesday night and was expected to vote on a selection June 8.

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