Round Hill Trail/Street Project to Advance in Coming Weeks

Work on the Town of Round Hill’s and county’s Main Street Trail and Main Street Enhancement Project should pick up in the coming weeks.

Round Hill Project Specialist Rob Lohr on Wednesday night gave the Town Council an update on the $7 million project, which is connecting the town with Franklin Park and improving pedestrian safety along Main Street. He said the next step contractor Highway Safety Services has planned includes the removal of a Loudoun Street water line, the installation of a temporary above-ground water line and a road closure.

Crews are planning to remove the water line that serves properties on the south side of Loudoun Street and have proposed to install a temporary, above-ground line to continue to serve those properties until work on the stormwater system is completed.

Lohr said a week-long road closure could come along with that work. Otherwise, he said, the work could take four to six weeks.

Lohr also said the firm agreed to a deal with the Mt. Zion Baptist congregation that will allow crews to use its parking lot and storage as work ticks up along Main Street.

He said the weather looks good for the next three weeks so residents should see quite a bit of progress.

“We expect to get a lot of work in during that period,” he said.

Mayor Scott Ramsey expressed concern that town leaders aren’t being updated on the project as much as they should. He said town leaders to be kept up to speed on the overall project schedule—with updates on the long-term planning of the project beyond the next few weeks.

“I feel like I have no idea when this project is going to end right now,” he said. “… I feel like I’ve sort of lost track of the month-to-month schedule.”

Lohr said he would provide the council with those updates.

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