Letter: Clark Kidd, Potomac Falls

Editor: Like the chainsaw-wielding psycho in a horror movie, some bad ideas will never die. For example, some progressive politicians in Loudoun County are once again pushing the idea of making law enforcement a county department under their control.

Never mind that public opinion was strongly opposed to this idea when it was proposed earlier. After a year of rioting and unrest in major cities, one lesson we should have learned is that law enforcement works best when it is not under the thumb of spineless and agenda-driven politicians. Law enforcement needs to be independent so that it can protect the citizens and not be subject to political virtue signaling. We don’t want Loudoun County to be another Portland.

Loudoun Sheriff Michael Chapman came to the Board of Supervisors meeting this week to oppose the ongoing study and to defend his officers. He stated that he “[raised] these concerns because they are important to know, as the county has now committed $500,000 to study a problem that doesn’t exist.” 

For his comments, Chapman was scolded for his “un-wokeness” by County Chair Phyllis Randall, and at least one other supervisor. According to Randall, every law enforcement group in the entire country is corrupt, and has nothing better to do than harass and murder innocent civilians.

Personally, I have never seen any hint of unprofessional behavior from the people under Chapman’s command. I agree with him that certain supervisors are trying to solve a problem that (fortunately) we don’t have in this county. In other words, they are playing politics as usual.

Our current Board of Supervisors is competing with the School Board to see who can be the most progressive. Rather than solving real problems in the county, they waste their time (and our tax money) on dubious projects such as defunding the police, taking down monuments, taxing plastic grocery bags and renaming anything remotely connected with the Civil War. They have even built an online database, so that citizens can report any county object with an “offensive” name.

During upcoming election cycles, we need to select leaders who want to make the county prosper, and not just be contestants in the Woke Olympics.

Clark Kidd, Potomac Falls

2 thoughts on “Letter: Clark Kidd, Potomac Falls

  • 2021-05-07 at 10:39 am

    I agree completely. It is horrifying to watch the BOS not care about the citizen’s needs and instead push a progressive agenda that is not what people in Loudoun County want or need. What’s worse is we haven’t heard much from the BOS about an actual crime – the Chair’s former chief of staff pleading guilty to embezzling beyond “she has three small school-age children” (I am still perplexed that this is her statement given the woman committed (and admitted to) a crime and I don’t recall the chair expressing this statement for other people who have school-age children and not being guilty of a crime, and instead vilifying them because it was “trendy”. I also agree that it is important that we vote for representatives that will actually do what is important and actually needed for Loudoun County and the citizens who live here. Until last year I am sad to say I didn’t pay close attention, but that has changed and I plan on paying very close attention moving forward to what the BOS is doing and the character and ethics of those on the board.

  • 2021-05-07 at 6:10 pm

    We need to recall several county board members as well as just about the entire school board. Randall can’t manage her own staff and run her own office. There is simply no justification for the supervisors to think they can manage a police department. They seem to think they are a real-estate agency rather than county supervisors. People need to take back control from these radicals.

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