Letter: John and Sharon McKee, Salvation Army of Loudoun County

Editor: In 1954, the U.S. Congress approved a joint resolution for President Dwight D. Eisenhower to proclaim a week to recognize the humanitarian efforts of The Salvation Army, one of the nation’s largest and oldest faith-based health and human service providers. This year Salvation Army Week is May 10 – May 16. 

Today, with the help of more than 3.2 million volunteers, The Salvation Army serves more 23 million Americans every year. With a presence in every zip code across the country, The Salvation Army uniquely understands the demands facing Americans – and the people living in our community – in need.

My wife, Sergeant Sharon McKee, and I began our post at the Salvation Army in Loudoun in April 2020 – right at the beginning of the pandemic. Immediately, we were introduced to the Advisory Board for our Corps. Their dedication and devotion to The Salvation Army was overwhelming and inspiring.  When they realized the immediate need for our services, they moved mountains to start our emergency feeding program during COVID. Not only did they fundraise, but they recruited volunteers and executed the entire program. My wife and I were astonished at how quickly all the pieces came together to start this program.  We were also amazed at the level of volunteer support that assisted us in our efforts to help the hundreds of people in our community that needed – food. We are very proud and excited to be a part of this Corps.

For more than 25 years The Salvation Army of Loudoun County has been “Doing the Most Good” to meet the needs of individuals and families throughout Loudoun County. Through your financial support, we provide emergency rental and utility assistance, food pantry services, hot meals, school supplies, diapers, clothing, Christmas assistance, and so much more. We have weathered many a storm through the years – and as we face the COVID -19 pandemic we know that many members of our community are facing unemployment, hunger, cascading bills, and threats of eviction, so we continue to be focused on helping those struggling to survive.

As we celebrate National Salvation Army week, Sergeant Sharon and I would like to thank our donors, our volunteers, our Advisory Board members, our Honorary Board members, the Potomac Division leadership, anyone who has donated items to our Thrift Store, and our dedicated staff.  Gratitude can be a hard thing to articulate, but please know how truly blessed we all are to live in such as generous and remarkable community.

Sergeants John and Sharon McKee, Salvation Army of Loudoun County

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