Loudoun Schools Report First Classroom Quarantine

Interim Superintendent Scott A. Ziegler announced Tuesday the first case of students sharing a classroom being required to return to distance learning for a period of home quarantine. 

He said the case involved an elementary school class where students had tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. As a precaution, the entire class will revert to distance learning until May 11. 

It is the first case of on-campus spread that triggered the school division’s protocols to close a class, a school, or schools within a region when there is evidence of transmission. 

Some form of in-person learning has been offered in Loudoun since early last fall. The division expanded its two-day in class hybrid program in January, and last week began offering four days of in-person learning to all K-12 students who selected the hybrid program.

Since the outset of the pandemic, the school division has recorded 29 cases of transmission in which two or more students or staff members were linked to COVID-19 cases. Most, 12, involved athletics programs, followed by 11 staff-to-staff transmissions. Four student-to-student transmissions have been identified and two cases involving staff and student transmissions, according to the latest report to the School Board.

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