USDA Loans $415K to Hamilton for Sewer Project

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced it will loan the Town of Hamilton $415,000 to make improvements to its outdated sewer system.

The USDA made the announcement as part of a larger initiative to invest $487.8 million in rural water, energy and biofuel infrastructure in communities in 45 states for Earth Day. It is using $374 million of that amount to modernize rural drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in 31 states. One of the selected communities is Hamilton, which uses a wastewater system installed in 1965 that’s comprised of 34,000 linear feet of sanitary and force main sewers and is made up of asbestos, concrete and vitrified clay.

According to a statement from the USDA, video inspections recently performed on 15,000 linear feet of the system showed that it’s plagued with excessive inflow and infiltration, as well as health hazards. The USDA has issued the town a consent order to bring the sewer system into compliance with Department of Environmental Quality regulations.

Work will include the repair of 7,320 linear feet of pipes, which will include removing debris and roots, installing a cured-in-place liner and the reopening of lateral connections using a robotic cutter.

Town Treasurer Tina Staples said the town would put the project out to bid in the next couple of months and hopes to have the project completed by the end of the year. The town will pay the 40-year loan back with installments of $15,444 each fiscal year.

The USDA will invest another $78 million in renewable energy infrastructure in rural communities in 30 states, $17.4 million in rural electric upgrades in New Mexico and South Dakota, and $18.4 million in biofuel infrastructure in 20 states.

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